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Russia’s defense minister WARNS NATO: Don’t you dare prod the Russian bear (VIDEO)

Russia’s steadfast and rock-solid defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, made a devastating retort to a question from the audience at an event held at Moscow’s MGIMO University on February 21st.

The audience member asked Shoigu for a response to the snide and provocative (but sadly typical) comment of UK defense minister Micheal Fallon at the Munich Security Conference, who said that “we would prefer it if the Russian bear didn’t stick its paws in [Libya].

Never mind that it was precisely Britain and France, with backing from the United States, who reduced Libya to the state of utter ruin in which it exists today.

Shoigu’s answer demolished Fallon’s crass air of superiority, yet was delivered in the cool and controlled manner he is known for:

Well, if he wants to get down to the animal level, [the British] have a lion on their crest, don’t they? There is an old saying, that every lion is a cat, but not every cat is a lion…I don’t think their zoo is capable of raising an animal which can order our bear around.

Now that was one worthy of the master himself.

One of these days maybe these dry, unimaginative cookie cutter western politicians will learn that the Russians far exceed their skills at wit and irony.

That goes especially for men like Putin and Shoigu who, unlike their European counterparts, didn’t come to power by kowtowing to political correctness and following the party line.

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