Russia completing trials of S-350E Vityaz anti aircraft missile system

Powerful new Russian anti aircraft system replacing older S-300 about to enter service

The Russians have confirmed that trials of the new S-350E Vityaz anti aircraft missile system are almost complete, and that it will enter service shortly.

The S-350E Vityaz is a medium range surface to air anti aircraft and anti missile system intended to replace shorter range categories of the well known but now obsolescent S-300 system (longer range versions of the S-300 are being replaced by the S-400 Triump).

In contrast to the S-300, whose mobile launcher carries 6 missiles, each S-350E Vityaz  launcher carries and is able to launch 12 missiles.

These missiles come in three different forms: the 5.65 metre long 9M96E2, which has a maximum range of 120 kilometres, the 4.75 metre long 9M96E, which has a maximum range of 60 kilometres, and the 2.5 metre long 9M100, which has a maximum range of 10 kilometres.

Performance details of these missiles is classified, but it is believed that the long range 9M96E2 is hypersonic with speeds of around Mach 6, that the system incorporates an advanced 50N6A radar station with a multifunctional active electronically scanned array with 360° coverage, and that terminal guidance of the two long range missiles can use both active and passive radar guidance, and that the shorter range missile uses a form of very advanced infrared (heat seeking) guidance.

Here is film of Russian President Putin at the first unveiling of the S-350E Vityaz by its manufacturer Almaz Antey 3 years ago

A sea going version of the S-350E Vityaz system forms the basis of the Redut anti aircraft and anti missile system used by Russia’s new advanced Admiral Gorshkov frigate, which is due to enter service in November this year.

For land applications the S-350E Vityaz system will be integrated with the S-400 Triumf and very advanced and powerful S-500 Prometey system, which together with the ultra short range Morfey point defence system will provide Russia with comprehensive air defence coverage, including against stealth aircraft, intercontinental ballistic missiles and hypersonic missiles.

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