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How Russia aided the west’s Russophobia

Russian opposition leader Vladimir Zhirinovskyof the LDPR (Liberal Democratic Party of Russia) has delivered a wide ranging speech in the State Duma on the history of Russophobia and in particular how the modern Russian mainstream media has allowed the west to promote disinformation about Russia using fake news which derives from Russia’s own liberal media which operates as freely in Moscow as similar outlets do in the west.

Zhirinovsky at no time called for censorship during his speech, but instead advocated for better priorities among the Russian media to present a more accurate portrait of patriotic unity while hinting that prosecutors should take the issues of libel far more seriously than they presently do.

Zhirinovsky used his own experience on the receiving hand of MSM lies to demonstrate how untruths about him helped to taint a western view of Russia as a whole. Throughout the 1990s, western MSM reported untruths about Zhirinovsky and his party. The origin of much of this information came from Russian media, yet few in Russia listened to Zhirinovsky’s clear rebuttals of the lies.

Long before Putin was even elected President, Zhirinovsky and members of his patriotic centre-right LDPR were banned from travelling to certain western countries and often were not allowed to do business dealings in these places.

Since 2014, similar restrictions have been put on many Russian businessmen, professors, authors and politicians. Zhirinovsky stated that had the Russian authorities stood up for him and dispelled the lies being told about him, the west would not have been so bold in respect of putting similar restrictions on other Russians.

During his speech, Zhirinovskyalso talked about how the Communist Party of the Soviet Union distorted  history to the point that Russian people in places like Ukraine are now facing war and severe discrimination because of years of failing to address the need for unity among Russian people.

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Zhirinovsky concluded his speech by lamenting how western video games and pornography have corrupted Russia’s youth.

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