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POROSHENKO: I dream of treason

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko lifts his arms in greeting after the inauguration ceremony in Sophia Square in Kiev, Ukraine, Saturday, June 6, 2014. Petro Poroshenko took the oath of office as Ukraine’s president Saturday, assuming leadership of a country mired in a violent uprising and economic troubles. (AP Photo/Sergei Chuzavkov)

Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko has been in Washington where his visit to the White House was uneventful to say the least.

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It seems however, that Poroshenko’s visit to the Pentagon was a bit more dreamy.

Poroshenko talked about his long-time “dream” of visiting the Pentagon dating back to the 1980s when he was a private in the Soviet Red Army.

A Soviet soldier having lustful thoughts about the heart of the American military-industrial complex has been construed as treasonous, assuming Poroshenko was telling the truth, an assumption which is admittedly a tall order.

According to the US Department of Defense, Poroshenko said the following during his visit to the Pentagon,

“I told you that it is my dream from the time when I was in the army, to be in the Pentagon.  And I think that we, together, during the last three years, do a great job.  We, together with our American partners, create a new armed forces of Ukraine, which not existed two years ago.

And now, we are not only stop the aggressor  — we build up the third — not the third– the armed forces which are among top ten European army.  And for me, it is just really interesting, the priority of Ukraine and in U.S., too.   And when I sit here, here and watch, see that we are close — (inaudible) — events in Ukraine”

Poroshenko’s typically rambling statement doesn’t leave many clues as to what the young one and future chocolate magnate was actually thinking during his time in the Soviet Army.

Suffice to say when it comes to a man like Poroshenko at the Pentagon….

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