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Rumours of Blackouts in Pakistan and the Vatican?

Pakistan there was another outage and the Vatican looks dark from the webcam even when it is lit.

Pakistan power blackout triggers ‘night mode’ memes online

Pakistan experienced a massive power blackout after a drop in frequency in the country’s power transmission system. With several major cities plunged into darkness, netizens are fighting boredom with memes and jokes on social media. According to reports, the outage occurred shortly before midnight in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, and others.

Massive power outage in Pakistan – Times of India

A general view of a residential area is seen during a power breakdown in Karachi (Reuters photo) ISLAMABAD: Several cities and towns in Pakistan plunged into darkness after a huge blackout, according to media reports. The outage was reported shortly before midnight on Sunday almost simultaneously in many cities, the Dawn reported.

Rumours of a Vatican outage are not true according to the Catholic Traveller

Blackout at the Vatican – The Catholic Traveler

This morning I woke up to hundreds of messages from people asking me if I was okay because they heard there was a massive blackout at the Vatican. First, thanks everyone for your concern. Second, there was no massive blackout at the Vatican. Third, here’s a live video I did from the Vatican during the […]

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