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Robert Mueller shuts down speculation, but will the Dems listen?

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Robert Mueller III, the appointed Special Counsel who led an almost two-year investigation into whether or not Candidate Donald Trump colluded or conspired with agencies of the Russian Federation, and whether or not there was obstruction of justice on Mr. Trump’s part, appeared before reporters on Wednesday morning, May 29, to give a brief statement to reporters.

Mr. Mueller’s speech was less than ten minutes long. In it he expressed several points:

  • The report he wrote and submitted to Attorney General William Barr said all he wanted to say about the investigation. “It is important that Office’s work speaks for itself.”
  • He also maintained that there was an indictment against a private Russian entity engaged in a social media operations where Russian operatives “posed” as Americans and tried to interfere in the election.
  • Mr. Mueller maintains that Russian military and intelligence organizations attempted to interfere in the election. The Special Counsel repeated his stance that hacked Clinton Campaign data was disseminated to the world through WikiLeaks and other online organizations (a claim that Julian Assange constantly denies).
  • There was no conclusion about whether or not Mr. Trump created any kind of obstruction of justice.
  • If the Office of the Special Counsel had found conclusive evidence that Mr. Trump committed a crime (or had not), it would have said so. But it did not find conclusive evidence in either direction.
  • Even if there had been such a conclusion, it would not have led to the President being charged with a crime, as this is prohibited by the Constitution. (A sitting president cannot be charged while in office.) Even if the charge is kept sealed and hidden from public view, this too is illegal.
  • The Special Counsel’s office is part of the Department of Justice, and bound to its policy. Therefore, charging the President with a crime was not an option that could be considered.
  • Further, the Constitution requires a process other than the Criminal Justice system in order to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing.
  • Mr. Mueller refused to engage in hypothesis or speculation. For him, the report is what it is.
  • Mr. Mueller requested of AG Barr that certain portions of the report be made public. Mr. Barr went much farther, making almost the entire report public in very short order. Mueller had no problem with this decision, and his exact words about it were, “we appreciate that the Attorney General made the report largely public, and I certainly do not question the Attorney General’s good faith in that decision.”
  • Mr. Mueller very directly expressed his intent that this speech would be the first and only such address he makes. Further, if he should be asked to speak before Congress, there would be nothing different he would tell them.
  • Finally, Robert Mueller announced that he is closing the Office of the Special Counsel, and that he is retiring from his post to resume private life. He expressed his gratitude to the team he had working on this investigation.

Already speculation is ripping through the Democrats, no doubt.

The statement that the Special Counsel, by virtue of the Constitutional regulations, cannot charge the President with a crime while in office, but that “a process other than the criminal justice system must be employed” is a clear go-ahead for many of the more virulent Trump-haters on the Democrat side (and perhaps on the GOP side too), to bring impeachment proceedings against the president. This, after all is “another method.”

The gamble here is that the investigation would probably have to be limited to the matter of “obstruction of justice” and there is very little evidence that President Trump did any sort of actions like this.

The Democrats will allege, if they try this, that the President’s Twitter “tirades” and expressed thoughts about firing Mr. Mueller, and his nonstop attack against the “witch hunt” against him would constitute obstruction of justice. But this is hard to prove, and would likely be shot down in short order.

However, this seems to be the only possible bone thrown to the Democrats, and it is questionable if Mr. Mueller even wants to throw this bone to them. Given the timbre of his speech, it seems that he was determined to give an extremely fair and honest assessment of what he did and did not do, and what he would and would not say.

This is going to ripple through the MSM and they will have to work very hard to spin this in their favor. In fact, they may not be able to successfully do so, as most of what Mr. Mueller said amounted to slamming the door of speculation closed on almost every single aspect of the RussiaGate investigation.

There is nowhere to go anymore.

But as we have seen, the Democrats are bound and determined to find a way to go somewhere.

The question is what will happen next.

It is already known that President Trump is the bane to globalists, of which most Democrats and many Republicans belong. Dr. Steven Turley gave a phenomenal report on how the president is undoing the Sorosian dream of One World government, and although that report is from September of last year, its relevance is loud and clear as we observe the workings of the domestic and geopolitical world today.

The globalists are running out of options. The next steps they take may end up far more extreme. President Trump may have already been through as many as 12 coup attempts according to this earlier report, but the question is whether or not the Democrats (mainly) will seek to wear the president and his agenda down by their incessant attacks, or if they will discard the rhetoric and arrange something far, far more sinister. It is possible that such an attempt was made in December and January by Nancy Pelosi, as conspiratorial as that may sound, but for these people, the pressure is on and increasing.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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May 29, 2019

This statements seems designed to clarify to the Democrats that subpoenaing Mueller will bring no merit.
Looks that Mueller is acutely aware that he will not be able to beyond his report when under oath before the House Intelligence Committee, but a much more personal danger to Mueller is that then the Republicans will subject him to a lot of very uncomfortable questions. Mueller probably wants to avoid that all costs, so he had to signal thisto the Democrats and it seems Pelosi already got that message.

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