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REVEALED: Al-Qaeda’s vast network of tunnels beneath Aleppo (Video)

Here is something the Western media will never show: film of an extensive network of tunnels dug deep below eastern Aleppo by the Al-Qaeda led Jihadis during their four years of occupation there.

It goes without saying that the construction of such an elaborate network requires considerable resources, including at least basic engineering knowledge, and could not have been done without the assistance ofAl-Qaeda’s foreign sponsors.

The Syrian Arab Army has in the last couple of days discovered these elaborate networks of tunnels as they liberated East Aleppo.

This video shows one example of stacks of Grad rockets still in their boxes left behind as the Al-Qaeda terrorists fled.

These rockets were fired daily on western Aleppo, killing scores of civilians including children.

The vast quantities of weapons stored underground indicate that the Jihadi fighters have a store of weapons that could have lasted them for years.

This makes a mockery of Obama’s recent decision to lifts restriction on the supply of arms to the so-called “moderate rebels”.

Clearly the “moderate rebels” have never been short of weapons because Washington has never ceased supplying arms to them.

A second video shows another tunnel dug by Al-Qaeda terrorists deep underneath the Citadel complete with ventilation shafts and electricity cables.

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