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Replacing other payments and contracts for civilians … a new form of “trade” for sending Syrian militants to Libya

The leaders of the pro-Ankara Syrian armed factions began to adopt a new method in the transfer of their members to Libya, indicating that this process has clearly turned into a “trade” based on the leaders’ exploitation of the salaries provided by Turkey.

Although the ceasefire agreement in Libya provides for the withdrawal of foreign militants from the country, Turkey started in the first days of implementing the agreement only, to return the Syrian militants, after which this matter stopped, and followed the method of replacing the batches of the militants present in Libya with others present in Syria, i.e. That the presence of these fighters is still the same.

Sources indicated that as a result of this Turkish method based on switching between the militants without returning everyone to Syria, the leaders of the armed factions began to exploit this matter, with the fact that the hostilities in Libya ended, to turn the militants’ dispatches into a trade based on patronage and whoever pays the most in return. His name was put on the lists of those heading to Libya.

The sources pointed out that “the process of transferring militants to Libya is no longer limited to those who fight and carry weapons. Rather, it includes some civilians, who are lured by some leaders with monthly salaries of $ 2000 / US dollars, and they are required to pay sums of money in exchange for putting their name on the lists. Moving to Libya. ”

The sources added that “some leaders of the factions promise these civilians that their work in Libya will be limited to guarding only, without any hostilities, because they all ceased after the signing of the ceasefire agreement, so that these leaders turn to their business dealers more like the work of foreign job-insurance offices.”

The sources also noted that “this matter also includes relatives of the leaders of the factions, whose names are placed on the lists of those moving to Libya with the aim of material benefit from Turkish salaries, since there are no longer any hostilities there.”

The sources emphasized that this new trade is monopolized by leaders from the “Hamzat”, “Suleiman Shah”, “Sultan Murad” and “Legion of Sham” factions, noting that those wishing to travel to Libya from the rest of the factions in the aforementioned way, they cannot do so before bribing certain people. From one of the previous factions.

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