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Relief For "Hard" Times: PornHub Offers Free Premium Access To Italians Under Lockdown

Forza Italia!

At the time of a global humanitarian crisis that presents an existential threat to the human race, every person and corporate needs to step up and do their part to help address the problem head on.

And who better to lead by example than PornHub, who has offered free premium service as a show of solidarity to those in Italy who are in lockdown/quarantine, milling around the house a lot and – uh, looking for something to do.

PornHub put out a press release on Thursday and also said it would donate the proceeds from its Modelhub platform after Italy put forth a lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to the Daily Mail

As if Italians needed a reason to be horniner than usual…

“Forza Italia,” the press release says. “We love you! PornHub has decided to donate its percentage revenue from ModelHub platform from March to help Italy during the outbreak.”

The release continues: “To help you during these weeks at home, for the whole months you can access PornHub Premium free of charge, with no need of using your credit card.”

PornHub is currently the world’s largest porn site. The Daily Mail reports that it was “used” more than 42 billion times last year. Not quite the terminology we would use, but to each site, its own.

Italy had ranked seventh on PornHub’s Top 20 Countries by traffic in 2019. The U.S., Japan and the UK were the Top 3.

Porn sites have been cashing in on the outbreak with platforms posting videos of couples in hazmat suits and facemasks. 

Male porn star “Spicy” commented: “I think people are attracted to COVID-19 themed porn the same way people who are scared of their shadow are attached to horror movies: We are all searching for things that make us come alive.” 

Better to come alive than come dead, we guess.

He continued: “COVID-19 is something that brings fear and mystery to pretty much everyone in the world right now… You need to be able to feel something, and what better way to make you feel something than the global crisis we are all in right now.”

‘Deserted Wuhan’ and ‘TSA Agent Detains Woman Suspected of Coronavirus’ have become two popular videos, with couple engaging in sex acts in what appears to be medical facilities.

Hey, it’s safer than doing it in the front seat of a Model X on Autopilot!

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March 14, 2020

We’re all affected…Where’s our free porn….

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