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Rage With The Machine? 90's Resistance Band Reunites To Do Establishment Bidding In 2020

Legendary 1990s band Rage Against The Machine has been triggered into reuniting ahead of the 2020 election in order to #resist four more years of Donald Trump – perhaps the most anti-establishment, ‘outsider’ president in US history.

The band will initially play three shows “along or near the Mexican border,” according to Consequence of Sound,  where they’ll surely explain their silence in 2011 when the Obama administration was called out by the ACLU for family separation and sticking migrant kids in cages (though Tom Morello did accuse Obama of war crimes.)

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November 3, 2019

(Yawn) Boring.


One small step closer to the Gestapo
One small step closer to the Gestapo
Reply to  BobValdez
November 3, 2019

OK, so we’ll extrapolate a bit. How about that Max Blumenthal thing, where they charge him for savagely (her words: “beating up”) some opposition gal and a SWAT team is sent to arrest him as bogusly ‘armed and dangerous’ 6 months later, after his accuser can claim “sorry, no photos of the injuries and they’ve all healed by now anyway.”

Now, here’s the kicker. Which machine would that band rage at if it were to rage?

The Washington Post-Incubator
The Washington Post-Incubator
Reply to  One small step closer to the Gestapo
November 3, 2019

Is she the one whose baby carriage was stolen to carry food into the embassy and her baby thrown onto the street and trampled to death?

November 4, 2019

soon to be re-named “Slightly Miffed, Embracing the Deep State”….

Identity of Schiff’s “whistleblower” leaks out. Deep ties to Nuland, Biden, Rice & Brennan (Video)

Negative Interest Rates proves Two Things…