Radicalised western feminist attacks Vladimir Putin for telling the truth

She then went on to tell a string of outlandish lies about Russia

As the world sits in anticipation of Oliver Stone’s lengthy series of interviews with Russian President Vladimir Putin, certain segments have been leaked posted online.

From the clips released thus far, we all ready know that Putin has survived 5 assassination attempts, once said to Bill Clinton that Russia could join NATO, and that he “likes” John McCain. However, it was a far less revelatory remark that has the ultra-liberal cultural-Marxist radical feminist brigade up in arms.

Vladimir Putin was asked by Stone how he’s able to keel his cool through very tense political situations. Putin replied,

“I am not a woman, so I don’t have bad days…I am not trying to insult anyone. That’s just the nature of things. There are certain natural cycles”.

This remark was received by most of the world as a true statement referring to a natural biological process which affects women once-monthly, but does not effect men. So far, so straight forward….but not if you’re a crazed feminist ideologue.

Writing in the Russophobic Guardian newspaper, someone called Van Badham seemed both confused and unhinged at Putin’s anodyne remarks.

After launching a semi-coherent tirade at President Putin and totally misinterpreting further humorous remarks Putin made about the wisdom of avoiding taking a shower beside men of certain desires, she went on to essentially blame human males for a phenomenon of biological science.

She actually said that her own monthly, you know what, is something,

“that has more to do with a traditionally male-dominated medical establishment’s profound lack of interest in my disease of endometriosis”.

But it gets even weirder.

She goes on to spew a river of lies about Russia that have no connection with reality.

She sated that Putin is “trolling” the “clown” Donald Trump. How so? Putin has been cautiously optimistic about the possibility of improving US-Russian relations under Trump, though Putin has admitted that such things will be difficult due to the domestic political situation in the US.

She then said that women in Russia are overworked underpaid and hold menial jobs. This is simply not true. Russia has more female board members than the US, Japan and most of Europe. Russia has a very high proportion of women in the legal profession and RT which the Guardian hates is…guess what…run by a woman called Margarita Simonyan whose channel does a far better job than most of its western competitors.

Badham then said that it’s legal for men to beat women in Russia, this is just a total lie and a very sadistic one at that.

She then said that the sub-Saharan African practice of so-called female genital mutilation is common in Russia.

Not only is this untrue, but in fact the practice was recommended by doctors in Britain and Germany as recently as the 19th century. The German doctor Karl Ferdinand von Gräfe is widely credited with recommending the procedure for palliative reasons although the international medical community in the 20th century tended to fully reject and proscribe the operation. By contrast, Russian doctors never recommended or performed the procedure.

She topped it off by saying that the convicted criminals known as ‘Pussy Riot’ were ‘singing about feminism in church’.

WRONG! They were insulting Orthodox Christian believers and defiling a holy site, a despicable act of hateful Christophobia.

Vladimir Putin said that the danger of showering with a homosexual man is that one wouldn’t want to provoke such a person’s desires. I think that the Russian President should avoid being anywhere near The Guardian’s Van Badham for the same reason, irrespective of the time of the month.

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June 10, 2017

Van Badham? Is this just a coincidence or a wind up? Badham should have tried a hand in taking a picture inside St.Pauls, London, before defending “Pussy Riot” feminists rights.

Branko Brankov
Branko Brankov
June 10, 2017

Great article. Love the Adam conclusion: “I think that the Russian President should avoid being anywhere near The Guardian’s Van Badham for the same reason, irrespective of the time of the month”.

Helen B
Helen B
June 11, 2017

Silly cow … not only is most of what she says nonsense, but I can attest to the fact that WW3 would have been and gone long ago if I had my finger on the button while suffering PMT.
Most women recognise it, and compensate for the fact that there are days when that dragging pain gets you down physically and mentally.
Putin lived in a household of women … he’d know …

June 11, 2017

Feminists must live in a world without brothers or male cousins–let alone men in the workplace. When I read Mr. Putin’s “bad days” remark, I just chuckled because my brother refers to those “days” not as PMS but as EMB–“Excuse Me, B*tch!!! I think these “feminazis” need to get over themselves. It’s like the day that Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug were welcomed before a Senate committee by the late Strom Thurmond, who referred to them as “lovely ladies.” The “lovely ladies” returned the favor by calling Senator Thurmond everything but what his mother named him!!! At that… Read more »

June 14, 2017

I’m his biggest fan, and most of what “badham” says is rot. But still I think it was one of his rare slip-ups. He followed it with “one should never lose control” (or similar words) which indicates a lack of understanding of how it feels, & how strong the effects are on a woman or for that matter, anyone with the requisite conditions for rage, be they hormonal or astrological or upbringing or anything. People who DO occasionally lose control are doing the uptight repressed males (or judgmental females) a big favor by expressing their own unacknowledged anger FOR them.

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