Vladimir Putin WARNS Americans: ‘White Christians now a MINORITY in US’ (VIDEO)

The Russian leader issued a dire warning of the need to defend European culture and the Christian religion for the good of humanity

Originally appeared at Red Pill Times

The Fake News mainstream media in the US never stops vilifying Russian president Vladimir Putin.

That’s probably because Putin is a strong conservative who pulls no punches and says it like it is – paying no heed to political correctness.

Last month Putin was attending the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi (site of the 2014 Winter Olympics) when he told a panel of young people whites are being swamped by billions of Indians and Chinese.

The Russian leader also pointed out that White Christians are now a minority in the country – threatening the fundamental western cultural identity of the the United States.

Later on in his comments, Putin noted that preservation of European culture and the independence of nation states was essential to maintaining the diversity and prosperity of the planet.

It’s something you’d almost never hear from an American politician, who would be terrified of being labelled as “racist” – simply for telling the truth.

No wonder the lunatic Left in the US from Hollywood actors to elected officials has tried to tar President Donald Trump and Putin with the same brush via “Russian collusion” claims.

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