Putin to discuss bilateral trade issues with South African President

The leaders are to talk over the issue of the diminishing turnover between the two countries.

XIAMEN (China) (Sputnik) – Russian President Vladimir Putin, during his talks with South African President Jacob Zuma, expressed his readiness to talk over the issue of the diminishing turnover between the two countries.

“We have recently talked about the need to transform our kind, political, humanitarian relations into the economy. Unfortunately this trend of decreasing turnover continues, though the rate [at which it decreases] has diminished … I would be happy to discuss this subject with you,”

Putin said at the meeting with Zuma.

Putin added that he was very glad to exchange views with Zuma on what the sides needed to do to develop bilateral relations.

The three-day BRICS summit in China’s Xiamen kicked off on Sunday. The event is being held in a new so-called BRICS Plus format, with leaders of such non-BRICS countries as Egypt, Mexico, Thailand, Guinea and Tajikistan also taking part in the summit alongside the leaders of the five BRICS nations: Russia, China, Brazil, South Africa and India.

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