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Putin shines in presser, as hysteria grips UK media

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss Vladimir Putin’s year end press event, and the UK media reaction to the event which once again showed that the UK media is completely hysterical when covering Russia, and completely ignorant when analyzing Russian foreign policy.

Much like the word “Trump”, when the UK media hears the word “Putin”, panic grips and the ridiculous ensues.

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Olivia Kroth
December 24, 2018

THE DURAN is the best English-language medium outside of Russia for information about President Putin. In Russia, I find TASS very objective and truthful.

Vera Gottlieb
Vera Gottlieb
December 24, 2018

In a different league but Castro also had the gift of being able to talk for hours. As for Trump, he most certainly will never match Putin’s intellect.

Olivia Kroth
Reply to  Vera Gottlieb
December 24, 2018

Trump will never match Putin’s intellect but he has a lot of intuition. He knows how to reach the public and makes himself understood. He is a good speaker, while using simple language.

And one thing both men have in common: sly humour, tongue-in-cheek jokes. Trump’s jokes are a bit on the rough side but I find them funny. Putin’s jokes used to be rough, too. Over the years, he has refined his style.

December 24, 2018

I wonder how many of the EU have read the Oded Yinon plan to fill Israel with Jewish refugees and then realize that the other refugees, Christian and Muslim, are forced into the EU to take care of. Is that what the EU citizens want…to have massive refugee influx so that Israel can grow to “Greater Israel”. I read in 2015 there were 50,000 more Jewish refugee applications than 2014, so the plan seems to be working. I’d say about $10T of that $21T US deficit is building the apartheid Jewish (self declared) country + 9.11.

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