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Putin has apparently delivered his endorsement in the UK election

Perhaps it is because Russia is a successful democracy with four major parties in the Duma representing various parties of left-right and centre that President Putin’s opinion on elections throughout the world is sought.

However, since Vladimir Putin does not want to meddle in the democracy of other states, he doesn’t formally endorse candidates in foreign countries, but that doesn’t matter, the foreign countries assign Putin an opinion anyway.

It has all ready been made clear by the mainstream media that in Sunday’s Presidential elections in France, Putin will be endorsing Marine Le Pen; probably because she doesn’t want war with Russia.

Now, Britain’s Defence Minister Michael Fallon (no relation to comedian Jimmy Fallon) has said that Putin endorses Britain’s Labour party, led by veteran socialist Jeremy Corbyn…who incidentally dislikes Marine Le Pen.

Fallon said,

“Russia will be watching Labour’s feebleness that Jeremy Corbyn has not supported this deployment. He has questioned it. He has questioned this deployment.

Russia will be watching that, will have noted that feebleness and will be watching it throughout this campaign”.

So now it’s official, Vladimir Putin has decided  been told who he endorses in the UK election. We’ll have to wait for the almost certain subsequent ‘hacking’ allegations.

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