Hillary’s new sob-story campaign memoir mentions Russia and Putin 333 times

Unable to accept responsibility for her own epic failure, Clinton unsurprisingly throws blame on the evil Kremlin

Hillary Clinton, who has clearly still not accepted her pasting by Donald Trump in last year’s election, is on the talk show circuit discussing her new book, What Happened.

It seems to be Hillary’s last attempt to steal the limelight – and possibly pay off some of the cash advances for political favors she got through the Clinton Foundation, and which she now can never deliver on.

It’s also apparently a stunningly egotistical defense of her presidential campaign which accepts little or none of the responsibility for her own loss, instead blaming an assortment of scapegoats.

And not surprisingly, the books is peppered with blame for Vladimir Putin and Russia.

Here’s the Daily Caller:

The former secretary has an entire chapter of her new book, titled ‘Trolls, Bots, Fake News, And Real Russians,’ to describe some of the other reasons for her unsuccessful bid for the presidency.

‘For starters, it showed that Russia was interested in doing more than collecting intelligence on the American political scene–it was actively trying to influence the election,’ Clinton wrote in her book.

‘Just as it had done a year earlier with the audio recording of Toria Nuland, Russia was “weaponizing” stolen information. It did not occur to me at the time that anyone associated with Donald Trump might be coordinating with the Russians, but it seemed likely that Putin was trying to help his preferred candidate.’

Who else did Hillary have to blame for her overconfident, gargantuanly expensive epic failure of a campaign? If you don’t want to waste precious hours of your life reading her self-serving narrative, just consult the “wheel of blame” below (all actual excuses she has used):

Even left-wing YouTube heavy-hitter The Young Turks, ripped Hillary’s new book to shreds – a must watch:

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