Putin crushes Obama! Finally a world leader asks America to answer for its Middle East crimes…’Do you realise what you’ve done?’

Calling out the US on its miserably failed (and failing) Middle East policy…dating back to fake WMDs and an illegal invasion of Iraq, and all the way up to Obama’s disastrous attempt to illegally overthrow Assad by using a CIA created ISIS proxy…Russia’s President had the balls to finally ask his US ‘partners’ if they ‘realise what they have done?’ in the Middle East?

Vladimir Putin from his UNGA 2015 speech:

“I fear that the question will stay in the air because the policy that has at its base self-assurance and conviction in its own exceptionalism and impunity has still not been renounced.”

“No one has to adjust into one model of development recognized by someone as solely correct once and forever.”

“We are suggesting to not be guided by ambition, but by mutual values and shared interests. To unite our efforts based on international law to solve the issues we are facing, and to create a truly broad international anti-terrorism coalition”

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September 30, 2015

Of course Obozo knows what he’s done, the problem is he’s just following orders from his bloodthirsty warmongering Talmudic jooo masters! No surprise there bubbie!

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