Poroshenko looks like a fool during yesterday’s Ukraine Independence Day celebrations

Ukraine President and chief US puppet Poroshenko publicly boast about ending the war by the 24th of August in time for Ukraine’s Independence Day celebration. Not only did that not work out to well for him and his western handlers, but the 24th was a truly embarrassing day for the nazi leader and his guest Angel Merkel, while it was a great day for the Novorussian army.

An excellent analysis from The Vineyard of the Saker

It was a bizarre day today. While the Nazis were celebrating their (now truly lost) “independence” in Kiev, the Novorussians were parading Ukie POW in the streets of Donetsk and, in a recreation of the German POW parade in Moscow in summer 1944, washing the street after the prisoners. That kind of parading is a violation of the Geneva Conventions, but against the massive and systematic violation of every conceivable norm of civilised behavior by the Nazi junta since the coup which brought them to power, this is a rather modest violation on the Novorussian side. And the Ukies really deserved it. It was also a great PR move. Best of all, it really denied Poroshenko his much expected victory for the 24th. Instead of taking Luganks, his forces were pushed back, surrounded and paraded as POW. I can just about imagine his rage.

Was the parading of prisoners a violation of the Geneva Convention. Maybe yes, maybe no.

The people paraded have committed unspeakable war crimes against a civilian population killing thousands of innocent men, women and children. The people paraded in the streets are neo-nazi’s who believe they are cleansing Europe of “sub-human” Russians.

Finally, NATO and Israel have stated that they they are not bound to any aspect of the Geneva Convention. So we can all drop the charade of a “gentlemen’s war” argument. The minute you start bombing your own citizens all rules are thrown out the window.

The nazi junta deserved this response. It also served a major purpose:

  • First it showed the Junta up on Independence Day, while the German Chancellor was in town!
  • Second it drew attention to a situation that has been in blackout mode by US and EU censorship.
  • Finally it proves that the Donbass is fully under the control of the Novorussians, and that the militia lives among their people and are actively fighting to protect their families, their children and their culture against the forces of evil.

When men fight with absolute conviction and purpose they will win. The Kiev junta and its Oligarchs are fighting for oil, money and power, and they will lose.

And this brings us to what is happening on the ground, once again analysis from The Vineyard of the Saker:

The Novorussian military command has announced that from purely guerilla-type of operations it has switched to “regular” (combined-arms) military operations. What does that mean? Well, in this context it means that instead of the hit-and-run kind of tactics I described yesterday, the Novorussians will go on the offensive in attacks which will include tanks and artillery support. Officially, the Novorussians have formed at least 2 tank battalions, several artillery battalions, and they have freed 7 towns (Agronomicheskoe, Novodvorskoe, Osykovo, Novokaternikova, Leninskoe, Stroitel and Novoazovsk) and surrounded six more (Blagodatnoe, Kuteinikovo, Voisovskii, Ulianovskoe, Uspenka, Alekseevskoe). The southern cauldron been fully reformed, and now includes 5000+ surrounded Ukies including the Aidar, Donbass and Shakhtersk National Guard battalions). Finally, the Ukie forces in Ilovaisk are in full retreat. This is all very good news. But this is not a strategic counter-offensive the Novorussian suceesfully take Novoazovsk and move towards Mariupol this will be far from over.

Their is a lot of war left and a lot of fighting to be done, but contrary to what main stream media is trying to feed its citizens, the tide is turning and the Novorussians are not only beating back a depleted and unskilled Ukraine army, they are now moving forward with more confidence and conviction.


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