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Politico has to correct its article as report about Trump ‘owning millions’ to Bank of China denied by… Bank of China

Apparently in a rush to expose a sinister link between US President Donald Trump and Beijing, Politico reported that Trump has an outstanding debt to the Bank of China, only to quietly correct itself after the bank spoke out.

In its “scoop” on Friday, Politico reported that Trump’s real estate partner, Vornado Realty Trust, which has a 70 percent majority stake in the skyscraper at New York’s 1290 Avenue of Americas, sought a loan in 2012 to refinance the property.

Around $211 million from a nearly $1 billion loan came from the Bank of China, which, according to Politico, was due in 2022 – meaning Trump, whose organization still owes 30 percent of the building, could have faced a potential conflict of interest drama right before the election.

The ‘bombshell’ was quickly picked up on Twitter, with former spokesperson for President Barack Obama and the National Security Council Tommy Vietor calling it nothing short of a “blockbuster story on Trump’s deep financial debt to China.” Washington Post Global Opinions contributing columnist Isaac Stone Fish tweeted that “a massive scandal” should follow, describing the supposed loan deal as “an astonishingly huge conflict of interest with China.”

Among those promoting the story was Andrew Bates, the rapid response director for Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign, who drew a link between Trump’s praise for China’s coronavirus response (per CNN) and him reportedly owing Beijing “tens of millions.”

Having a president owing the nation’s main adversary millions of dollars might be truly unbecoming. However, there is a catch. A day after Politico published its “investigative” piece, it was forced to quietly amend the article… after it was refuted by the Bank of China itself.

“After the first version of this article was published, the Bank of China issued a statement Friday evening stating that it sold its debt on the building weeks after the 2012 loan on the property,” Politico says in an updated version of the article, with its headline now reading “Trump owed tens of millions to Bank of China” instead of far more clickbait sounding “Trump owes tens of millions to the Bank of China — and the loan is due soon.”

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April 26, 2020

They will use the ‘smear attack’ tactic, to keep this running. Did the same with President Putin.

State a lie, wait for media to pick up the lie and run with it. Then double down, repeating the lie, but, referencing me media, in order to clarify the lie.

Round Robbin
Round Robbin
Reply to  AMHants
April 26, 2020

That New Knowledge outfit took the tactic to whole new levels of infamy.

Spoof a hack attack, then announce the spoof as fact.

Considering that some of the esteemed nitwits in Congress equate such hack attacks to Pearl Harbor, you must then assume that New Knowledge had committed a Pearl Harbor against its own country. I’m sure, not the first time in the annals of CIA offshoots.

April 26, 2020

Everything Trump owns is highly leveraged. There is still a debt. Who did they sell it to?

Gud Enuf Fer Govermant Werk
Gud Enuf Fer Govermant Werk
April 26, 2020

Lesson to be learned: Politico should stay away from those CIA-trained journalists.

The allegation is: Trump is OWING millions, not owning and esp. not ‘owning to’, which BTW is grammatically suicidal.

Moral of the story: Third world economies are often preceded by third world education. Let’s get with the program there, Politico. It’s called ‘journalism’, doofuses (or doofi, if you prefer).

April 26, 2020

Don’t know about the bank of China but he does owe a ton of money to the bank in Germany, the only one who would have dealings with after his endless bankruptcies and they say he’s behind on his payments to them, but they won’t try to collect it as long as he’s in the oval office.A skunk can’t change its strip or smell and neither can Trump once a crook always a crook its an inborn trait.!!!!!!!

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