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Politicians from Russia and Donbass meet in Donetsk to discuss further integration

An historic meeting has taken place in Donetsk, wherein leaders of the Donetsk People’s Republic and representatives of the Russian State Duma and Federation Council have meet to discuss further steps to help integrate the Donbass republics with the institutions of the Russian Federation.

The meeting took place between Donetsk head Alexander Zakharchenko, deputy chairmen of  the Donetsk People’s Republic Ministers’ Council Alexander Drobot, Russian State Duma deputy Andrey Kozenko for the United Russia party,Russian Federation Council member Sergey Tsekov as well as other politicians and journalists.

Russia all ready accepts legal documents including passports and professional qualification issued in The Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and to that end, citizens of the Donbass republics can now open bank accounts in Russia as well as live and work in Russia so long as they hold a passport from Donetsk or Lugansk.

Historical considerations and present realities would dictate that the ultimate goal is full integration of the Donbass republics into the Russian Federation.

It is indeed possible for the two republics to live as independent peaceful states, but the more practical economic and cultural reality is for Donetsk and Lugansk to become members of the Russian Federation.

There is no real chance that these republics could ever be part of even a federated Ukraine. Too much blood has been spilt and too many resources from Kiev have been cut off for any sort of reconciliation to be possible.

The fascist Kiev regime does not act as though it even wants Donetsk and Lugansk any longer. The continued war of aggression by Kiev against Donbass appears to be more of an exercise designed to keep western money flowing into Kiev than it would appear to be any attempt to actually ‘take back’ areas where mutual hatred has all but solidified.

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Furthermore, the Republics are now more or less self-sufficient entities and when it comes to the importation of essential supplies, including medicines;  this comes from Russia.

The inaugural meeting between politicians from Donbass and the Russian Federation took place in Russia, in March of this year. This second meeting focused on key areas including, “restoring economic ties between Donbass and Russia, humanitarian and cultural integration of Donbass and Russia, best integration practices of interaction between the Donbass and Russia’s community and International support of Donbass”.

It is hopeful that today’s meeting with help speed up a process that will be in the best interests of both the people of Donbass as well as the wider Russian world of which Donbass has always been a part.

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