Playing the victim card. Billionaire's wife says she was coerced into signing a prenup

Another day, another billionaire about to get his fortune stripped away by divorce. The latest victim, Ken Griffin, the 45 year old the founder of Chicago-based hedge fund giant Citadel LLC.  The soon to be billionaire ex-wife, French born Anne Dias-Griffin, the 43 year old owner of hedge fund Aragon Global Management.
What was supposed to be a straightforward divorce proceeding, is now shaping up to be an asset stripping to the tune of over $2.5 billion. Under the terms of the prenup agreed upon by the couple, Anne Dias-Griffin was to receive 1 percent of Ken Griffin’s assets. At a net worth of around $5.5 billion (according to Forbes) that would have given Dias-Griffin roughly $55 million…well not so fast.
Business Insider reports:

Back in July, Griffin filed for divorce from his wife of 11 years, Anne Dias-Griffin, while she was on summer vacation with their three children.
Dias-Griffin is now seeking equitable division of their assets and sole custody of their children, the Crain’s report said, citing the filing. She wants their prenup thrown out.
According to Crain’s, Dias-Griffin says she didn’t receive a copy of the prenup until shortly before the wedding date, and she was busy with wedding plans and running her hedge fund firm.
Dias-Griffin also said she told Griffin she didn’t want to sign the prenup. This, according to Dias-Griffin’s filing, led to an argument in which she said Griffin “destroyed a piece of furniture in their home.”
Dias-Griffin says Griffin got her to meet with a psychologist. According to Dias-Griffin, the psychologist sided with Griffin. She ended up signing the prenup three hours before the rehearsal dinner.

Ken Griffin’s attorney maintains that the prenup is valid and that Dias-Griffin’s allegations were “simply untrue.”

One can help but ask, if Anne Dias-Griffin is also running a hedge fund, why would she require half of her soon to be ex’s fortune. I would imagine that her fund is bringing in the same, or better, ROI as Ken’s.

Ken Griffin is not an innocent victim in all of this…he did after all make the bonehead decision to marry, and his second marriage at that. He divorced his first wife in 1994 and then proceeded to marry Anne Dias-Griffin in Versailles in July 2003. 
If you are that wealthy and successful, why get married…it just boggles the mind.

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