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PHILIPPINES: Beheaded bodies, human sex slaves and widespread looting at the hands of ISIS

President Rodrigo Duterte and his military commanders have revealed the extent of ISIS atrocities in the southern Philippine city of Marawi which is still partly controlled by the Salafist terrorist group.

Philippine troops have recently discovered 17 beheaded bodies while reports of widespread looting and human sex slavery rampant at the hands of ISIS continue to roll in from Marawi.

The Philippine military is attempting to balance the crushing of ISIS fighters in Marawi with the aim of not wanting to risk the lives of the many hostages ISIS is using as human shields in the beleaguered city.

President Duterte who has been reportedly in ill health in recent weeks gave a speech during which he stated,

“I know the deployment of snipers and where they hid their firearms. I already had the complete picture and I knew that would be a long fight”.

He continued, speaking of how ISIS is worryingly receiving many material reinforcements

“It seems to be limitless supply. They were able to stockpile their arms.

What’s painful for me, a fractured ideology entered. All that they want is to kill and destroy, how can we live with that?

Some of those who travelled to the Middle East got contaminated, brought the ideology back home and promised to declare war against humanity”.

Duterte who hails from the mixed Muslim/Christian southern Philippine island of Mindanao held Iftar celebrations in the Presidential Palace in Manila to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

Prior to the outbreak of ISIS violence in Philippines, Duterte had promised federalisation of the Philippines and barring that, he would grant Muslim areas in the sout of the country with autonomous rule in order to preserve the peace.

Just as was the case in Syria, Duterte has been targeted because his anti-sectarian message is incompatible with the imperial ambitions of ISIS. Duterte extended an olive branch to moderate Philippine Muslims, some of whom are members of Duterte’s extended family. ISIS saw this as a move which could crush radicalism in Philippines and moved to make war on Philippines to prevent the outbreak of peace which was becoming realistic according to Duterte’s plans.

The increased supply of weapons to ISIS terrorists in Philippines makes clear that only a naval blockade of Mindanao will be able to isolate ISIS from their illegal maritime supply routes.

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