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Peter Lavelle Discusses John Kerry’s Two-Day Trip To Russia on Loud & Clear Radio (AUDIO)

Joining the discussion is the host of RT’s most popular debate program CrossTalk, Peter Lavelle, and international affairs and security analyst Mark Sleboda.

Via Sputnik News

As John Kerry arrives in Moscow to talk about the Syrian War, the Turkish Prime Minister has a new policy and is prepared to normalize relations with Syria. Is there really a prospect for peace or is this old wine in new bottles?

As NATO met in Warsaw, thousands of activists gathered at counter-summits to protest the alliance’s aggressive posture. Phil Wilayto of the United National Anti-War Coalition joins the show to give an eyewitness report.

Today is Republic Day in Iraq — the anniversary of the 1958 revolution. Raed Jarrar, Government Relations Manager at the American Friends Service Committee, and Richard Becker, author of the book “Palestine, Israel and the U.S. Empire”, join Brian to take a look at Iraqi history to debunk the bogus mainstream media presentation that the country has always been in a state of sectarian war.


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