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Paul Joseph Watson makes an offer journalists can’t refuse

As they typically do, mainstream media journalists have lambasted Donald Trump for his remark about dangerous events ‘last night in Sweden’. Anyone who understands Donald Trump’s well known, casual and direct manner of speech ought to realise that the ‘last night’ issue was far less important than the broader and more obvious point that President Trump was trying to make.

Sweden a country many remember as a carefree liberal paradise, has been consumed by well documented waves of violence due to mass migration policies not dissimilar from those enacted by Angela Merkel in Germany.

The Swedish city of Malmo was been a particular flash point for violence. Once again, Donald Trump’s general point was accurate. The way he phrased his statement off the cuff is to anyone who is interested in the bigger picture, inconsequential.

Now though, Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging journalists to stay in one of the migrant populated parts of Malmo to see for themselves whether they feel personally safe or not.

Watson has now confirmed that journalist and self-proclaimed sceptic Tim Pool will be travelling to Sweden on Paul Joseph’s dollar to see what is really going on.

Although many have been quick to call this a stunt, it actually is not. Paul Joseph Watson has help expose the way that mainstream media put an agenda before both factual reportage and any understanding of issues that matter to ordinary people.

One cannot pretend that there aren’t big problems with recent migrants into countries like Sweden. The cases of rape, violence, organised crime and other vicious activities have shaken many to the core. Their concerns are real and the crimes are real. By omitting such stories from the headlines, one is not only faking the news, one is morally negligent when it comes to exposing a big issue that many want to learn about in order to try and find a reasonable solution to the crime spree.

Again, it is a question of priorities. What is more important, ridiculing Donald Trump for his choice or words, or totally ignoring the issue of an crime wave in European countries which has resulted from poor policy making by the ruling elite?

Paul Joseph Watson has got this absolutely correct.

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