Paul Craig Roberts: The Russia/Greece alliance will be the end of NATO

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Today, former US Treasury official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts warned that, with this Greece move towards the Russian sphere of influence, Putin is unleashing his ultimate move to crush EU and NATO.

In an interview with King World News, Paul Craig Roberts had some interesting insights into the situation unfolding with Greece and Russia.

I suggest you read the article, but here I summarize all the main points that Roberts made.

On Greece: the former Greek government was interested in being accepted by the west. These leaders were comfortable, well paid, well off, had large accounts in Switzerland, and from their place of comfort they allowed the average Greek citizen dive into starvation to pay off the bankers who speculate on Greek debt. However, the new Greek government is not willing to do that.

Roberts had a very interesting quote, advice for the new Greek government:

“You’re trying to drive us into the ground — to force starvation on the Greek people. You go to hell, we’re not paying you one nickel. In fact, we’re not having anything else to do with you. We’re out of NATO, we’re out of the EU, we’ve got our own currency back, and if we need any financing, our Russian friends are going to finance us.”

Chain Reaction of Greece Leaving EU

This will begin to break up NATO, which needs to be done if there is to be peace in the world. NATO exists as a cover for US aggression, and without NATO Washington doesn’t have any cover for its actions. If NATO breaks up, the threat of war would be over, because the US would not stand alone in aggression against Russia and China.

Russian/Greek Alliance Spells End of NATO

If Greece defaults on its debt, that leaves Greece debt-free. It would have zero debt-to-GDP. If it needs financing for any reason, Russia would finance them.

Italy and Spain Would Be Next

If this happens with Greece, and because Spain and Italy are in the same situation, they would soon follow. The US has been very active to ensure that Spain and Italy are governments that they control, turning them into governments who would ruin their own people to pay off Washington and New York hedge funds, Germany, Netherlands and other big European banks.

The US has run out of easy enemies. They’re now targeting Russia. This is doomed to fail, and wedging EU countries between US and Russia is causing them to break rank with US in droves.


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