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Paul Craig Roberts: The Latest Bomb Scare

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts:

I appreciate readers’ confidence that I can explain the mail bomb scare that has been blamed on Cesar Sayoc. I have not followed this story and regret that I don’t have an explanation to provide.

Stephen Lendman raises the question whether Sayoc is a real culprit or a patsy for an operation orhestrated for political reasons. See:

This seems to me to be, at our present state of information, a legitimate question. If the security agencies and the Democratic National Committee were willing to orchestrate a fake “Russiagate” scheme against Trump for political reasons, why not also a fake bomb attack on Democrats? Just as the presstitutes went along with “Russiagate” despite the absence of any evidence, RT reports that the US media is blaming “Trump’s ‘hateful rhetoric’ for the packages.”

While driving I listened to a large part of the press conference, and the affair struck me as an orchestration. Every agency involved was present, from the Postal Service to the FBI and Secret Service, the directors of which praised the expert professional performance of their agencies in intercepting the bombs. It seemed to me overdone, especially in view of the FBI’s admission that they could not say that the bombs were functional. Why would a bomber send non-functional bombs?

There are other things to notice and to wonder about. Photos of the packages, if these are the actual mailed packages and not someone’s construction used to cast doubt on the official story, do not show postage sufficient to cover the weight of a bomb. Also, all the anti-Democrat stickers on Sayoc’s van seem very new and unfaded to have spent much time in the Florida sun.

Whether one likes Trump or doesn’t, it is clear that the establishment wants rid of him. He was elected by the “deplorables,” that part of the population that has been left behind by the elite who manage things in their interest alone. The elite are scared that such an electoral outcome could happen again. A defeat of Trump is a defeat of the populist forces that put him in office.

There is no doubt that Americans have been fed a constant stream of lies to justify political agendas, for example, Serbia, Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Iranian nukes, Libya, Russian invasion of Ukraine, and there are so many unanswered questions about mass shootings, such as the one in Las Vegas, that suspicion of official stories is on the rise. How does one justify believing a government that will lie in order to justify aggression abroad and police state measures at home?

It is entirely possible that Sayoc is an incompetent culprit and that suspicion of the official story is a consequence of the government playing fast and loose with the truth in the past. It is also a legitimate question whether the US government, by which I do not mean simply the Trump administration, is worthy of the trust of the American people. Democracy doesn’t work without public confidence in government. The sacrifice of public confidence to political agendas destroys the basis of political life.

From an astute reader: “We know every detail of this guy’s life within hours and it is presented with photos and all in the NYT. And a symbol – the White Van, almost as good as a White Helmet.”

Another question has come in: “Who mails bombs to people who don’t open their own mail?”

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October 29, 2018

Presstitutes, lol. This is fishy even to me and I am not in particular someone who runs after all the conspiracy theories. Packages that scream something is wrong with non functional bomb parts, a guy who was recently a democrat and prior bomb threats in past gets addresses that are not available to the public? None detonated and probably none could as delivered, and maybe all via courier or planted in latter part of mail service delivery.

john vieira
Reply to  Marcia
October 29, 2018

The whole affair reeks to high heaven. Notice the “van” is in pristine condition…and according to Florida law would not have travelled very far without being pulled over for “non compliance” regarding the decals on the windows. The packages themselves are conspicuously devoid of “cancellation” stamps…Appears some “intelligence” agencies are really not as intelligent as they would want people to believe???

Cheryl Brandon
Cheryl Brandon
October 29, 2018

IF 4 USA Presidents is the answer, what could be the question? How many USA Presidents were assassinated , after voicing a need to make Federal Reserve a REAL government bank>Presidents Lincoln in 1865/ Garfield in 1881/ Mc Kineley in 1901/ Kennedy in 1963; the Lone shooter/assailant was also created;Every since Lincoln’s murder has been done by a lone shooter? right Andrew Jackson escaped his attempt in 1835; He told his VP, ” the federal reserve is trying to kill me”

craig watson
October 29, 2018

I’ve read PCR’s writing for years. He’s one of the most reliable journalists who knows whereof he speaks, due to his past career. The breakdown in We The People’s respect for federal authority is broadening beyond Trump’s deplorables, to include decent people who reject violence but perceive it coming on our horizon. The final result of the breakdown in federal authority and respect for it is the unifying first step in almost every nation’s civil and revolutionary wars. Read “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” by Greer, pub. 2015, for a picture of how this is going to progress into civil war and… Read more »

October 30, 2018

“From an astute reader: “We know every detail of this guy’s life within hours and it is presented with photos and all in the NYT. And a symbol – the White Van, almost as good as a White Helmet.” ” You may recall the brilliant, too little too late, work by Mueller of the US Gestap… I mean FBI. Within twenty four hours the son of Operation Paperclip had color mugshots of all twenty two hijackers. There was, in an ominous foreshadowing of what was the coming Fascism of the USA, not even an inkling of the word ‘alleged’ to… Read more »

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