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Palestinians protest Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’

The ‘Deal of the Century’ is essentially means that the Palestinians surrender to the Jewish State

Hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets in Ramallah on Monday in protest of Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’, which is being orchestrated by Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, through talks with basically every other country in the region except the Palestinians themselves.

Ma-an News Agency reports:

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Hundreds of Palestinians renewed on Monday their complete rejection of the ‘Deal of the Century’ that is being proposed by the United States administration.

Hundreds marched across the streets of Ramallah City in the central West Bank protesting the US deal dubbed ‘Deal of the Century’ and in support of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Protesters repeated slogans in support of the Palestinian leadership in its stand against the deal.

Deputy Head of the Fatah movement Mahmoud al-Alul, member of the movement’s Central Committee Jamal Muheisen and the governor of the Ramallah and al-Bireh district Laila Ghannam took part in the march.

Al-Alul said during a speech that “we do not want your aid, we want a Palestinian state.”

The ‘Deal of the Century’ peace plan proposed by the US suggests that the Palestinians can build their own Jerusalem from areas surrounding the city of villages and neighborhoods.

The plan also calls for keeping borders and security under Israeli control, while it keeps Israeli settlements final borders to be discussed in later negotiations.

The ‘Deal of the Century’ is essentially means that the Palestinians surrender to the Jewish State. It demands that Palestinians surrender any right of return to their ancestral lands, any claim to East Jerusalem, and forget about any two state solution to end the conflict with the Israelis. Once this ‘deal’ is proposed and rejected, it is likely that if any further major incidents take place at the hands of the Israelis against the Palestinians, Washington and Tel Aviv can respond that they made a peace offer, but that the Palestinians rejected it, meaning that they just don’t want peace, just like Trump said back in February. There is no interest here in any sort of compromise or in seeking to protect or preserve the rights of Palestinians in any regard. This is purely about satiating the interests of the Jewish State’s leadership, currently under Benjamin Netanyahu.


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Lidia Monroe
September 5, 2018

Arabs had 70 years to accept many offers, year after year, including keeping Jerusalem. They refused EVERY TIME. Decisions have consequences, wars have consequences. Arabs do not have claim to the land, because they refused to accept any deal that included Jews having any part of the land, but instead went to war against the Jews, and lost, twice. Any deal they get they better take, because the offers are only going to diminish for them with each passing day. It’s ridiculous that, for 70 years, they have shown NO initiative to build their own state, but have spent most… Read more »

Seraphim Hanisch
Seraphim Hanisch
September 5, 2018

I have a lot of sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians, but I think their leadership and indeed, a lot of the attitudes of the people, were fanned to insanity. To refuse to come to negotiate was foolish. This is especially so if the NEIGHBORING countries, like Jordan, Saudi Arabia and so on also agree with the Kushner plan. Empirically, it is wrong. The State of Israel was imposed by UN / US fiat, and was a bad idea and it was horrifically implemented. Further, the Israelis did not abide to the agreement, and expanded from their allotted territory… Read more »

September 5, 2018

Neither a Jewish nor a Palestinian state is viable at this point. They have to accept a state where both reconciled populations have equal rights… but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

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