Over 60% of German and UK citizens polled believe Athens must pay back its entire debt

Let’s not forget that the Greek people were essentially sacrificed at the alter in order to save the German and French banks from default…specifically Deutsche Bank and BNP who, in 2010, were set to go under as the major holders of Greek debt.

What the sociopath Brussels oligarchs cleverly did (with the help from a corrupt Greek political class), was push the burden held by the bankers onto the Greek and EU citizens.

The EU saved their banks from certain death by “persuading” the Greek state to take on massive loans from EU taxpayers, those loans from the EU to Greece would then be used to bail out Deutsche Bank and BNP.

Greek taxpayers all of a sudden had hundreds of billions in loans on their books, while EU taxpayers, instead of the bankers, was on the hook for those loans.

People polled in Germany, UK, and France should recognise that the real enemy is Brussels and their banker masters.

Via Sputnik News Agency…

Greece’s overall debt is currently estimated to be around $350 billion, of which $270 billion is owed to its three biggest lenders: the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Commission and the European Central Bank.

According to the ICM poll, which involved over 4,000 respondents in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Greece, 62 percent of British citizens and 69 percent of the citizens of Germany responded by saying that Athens must pay back its entire debt. In France, only 50 percent of respondents shared this view, according to the ICM poll.

Meanwhile, only 25 percent of Greeks polled think that their country should pay off its creditors and 55 percent believe the country’s debt should be written off.

Within the four national groups polled, only a small share wants to see the European Union (six percent) or the so-called troika of international creditors (eight percent) take responsibility for the Greek debt.

Greece was hard-hit by the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, leaving its government reliant on loans from international creditors.

On Sunday, Greek Minister of the Interior Nikos Voutsis said that the country does not have enough money to make the next scheduled payment on its debt to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) this June.


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