Out of control? Another man shot in the back by Baltimore police [Updated]

UPDATE: Baltimore Police are reportedly urging media outlets to insist that no one has been shot.

A producer for Fox News said live on the air that the victim was a young black man who had been shot once and “didn’t appear to be in good shape.” He added that a gun was on the scene after the victim was taken away “and it didn’t look to be the officer’s weapon.”

An eyewitness who spoke with Fox around 20 minutes after the shooting unfolded said that the man who was shot was sitting on the steps of a nearby check cashing store when a police cruiser pulled up. “As soon as he saw the police, he started running,” the eyewitness said. Then, from around 20 feet away, she said that she saw the officer open fire as the suspect fled. “In my mind it was ‘here we go again,’” the witness said. RT’s Manual Rapalo reported from the scene that authorities were quick to clear the scene by discharging pepper-spray as a crowd gathered. Fox captured paramedics rushing the man away and onto an ambulance.

Zerohedge found these tweets about the latest police shooting…


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