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Opinion | How Not to Listen to Donald Trump

Until the president comes up with actual evidence for his allegations, we’re under no obligation to pay attention.




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Susan Rarick
Susan Rarick
May 19, 2020

The politico article was actually funny. I’ll save everyone the waste of life reading it would be for you.
Orange man bad.
Believe us , not him.
OK; now you can go on with your day knowing what the article was about.

Above the Fray
Above the Fray
Reply to  Susan Rarick
May 19, 2020

They’re both prone to evidence-free accusations and then attempting devious coverups when exposed so I prefer not to believe either side in this unholy war of witless words.

The major advantage in that is that you don’t automatically believe the side that accuses the other side of baseless accusations, one of the banes of human banality.

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