One Russian broke through a Ukrainian BLOCKADE to vote in Odessa

Russians never give up!

The Russian Consulate in Odessa had a working polling station, but due to the actions of Ukrainian thugs, (with and without badges), the entrance was blockaded, only the diplomats could vote during the Presidential Elections – that was, until one Russian broke through the blockade, according to the federal news agency.

The General Consulate of Odessa was blocked at night. The Ukrainian National Guard tightened their patrols on Gagarin plateau – the street, which leads to the Consulate General. The polling station opened on time – at 08:00 (Kiev time), despite the fact that there was a threat. Members of the consulate general and other diplomats who were already inside voted, and even one Russian citizen broke through, according to Tass news (in Russian).

According to a Diplomat, at 09:05 local time, a car drove up to the building of the General Consulate, loudly playing the Russian national anthem, which distracted the nationalists. Then, while they were distracted, one Russian citizen managed to sneak inside the building and vote. After likely realizing they were fooled, Ukrainian security forces did not allow other people to enter.

Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain

There were no other incidents in Odessa, and the embassy staff called the situation “calm”. “Unlike the rest of our foreign missions, in Odessa, the radicals have not yet assembled in full force,” the representative of the consulate stressed.

Here is another example of western hypocrisy and double standards: imagine what would happen if Russia blockaded the Polish or Latvian embassy on election day – or any day – yet no one cares if Russia’s consulate is blockaded, because democracy only applies when the West agrees.

It’s a sad day when you have to sneak into your own consultant to vote covertly, but this is the new Ukrainian reality, and in time, let’s hope it will prove temporary.

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