DANGEROUSLY close – US Destroyer docks in Ukrainian port not far from Russian Crimea

The provocative act by the US navy so close to the disputed peninsula is bound to be seen by Russia as a security threat

It looks like the carnival is in town – a real ‘cirque du freak’. The USS Carney, a Tomahawk-cruise missile destroyer arrived in Odessa this week. A video of its docking appeared on the official Twitter page.

While this is Ukrainian waters, one still must wonder what was the point of the move? To train with the Ukrainian navy? Please! The most impressive warship in the Ukrainian navy is a frigate. For those unaware, Frigates are not a very formidable class of ship – especially measured up against the US and Russia’s best destroyers and cruisers.

Including that ship, named after the famous Cossack Hetman Sahaydachniy, the entire Ukrainian navy has only five ships that would be considered remotely “battle worthy”, let alone seaworthy, and that is being generous.

Several of them are tiny patrol boats! Russia even offered to RETURN to Ukraine, some of its leftover warships in Crimea, that is how little of a threat the Ukrainian navy poses to anyone.

SHOCKING: Russia offers to return military hardware to Ukraine as goodwill gesture

So if it’s clear the US Navy is not in Ukraine to gain any valuable naval training, what is the purpose? Is it not obvious, to recklessly antagonize Russia! Because provoking a nuclear superpower is good for your health – said literally nobody, ever. These types of “games” are common, but are they really helping anyone?

The US knows Russia does not want their destroyer that close to Crimea, they know the offense it will cause, and they also know they gain literally nothing from it. No strategic advantage, no training, they are literally poking the bear because it’s amusing to them. Moreover, there is a dangerous, hypocritical double standard here:

Media hysteria over ‘Russian spy ship’ off US coast, but ignores provocations against Russia

How would the US Government feel if Russia sent warships to nearby countries but 100 miles off the US Coast? Technically, Russia is allowed to do it according to international law, yet in Washington it provokes outrage. Why…because Russia is putting its warships not far off the coast of the “exceptional US”. Why then does the US do this to Russia on a regular basis?

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