Once attacked by NATO, Montenegro now set to join the alliance. 20,000 take to the streets in protest. Western media completely silent

What’s the difference between NATO and Europe? The EU and NATO?

Absolutely nothing. The EU is America’s way of controlling its vassal European states…and NATO is the military component of the Empire’s rule.

So it comes as no surprise that the soon to be NATO member, Montenegro, is being pushed into the military “alliance” with no referendum or public say into the matter. Why should the public decide on Montenegro’s NATO future…because in 1999 NATO bombed Montenegro to dust…when it was part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

In one attack NATO planes killed six civilians in the village of Murino including three children aged between 10 and 13.

Needless to say, many in Montenegro do not want the evil alliance’s tentacles wrapped around their country.

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