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Once again… the leader of the Turkish mafia reveals the involvement of Erdogan’s relative in arming “Al-Nusra” in Syria

The leader of the Turkish mafia gangs, “Sadat Bakr”, has revealed information about

The involvement of Turkish President Recep “Rajab Tayyip Erdogan” and those close to him in financing and arming Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria.
During a video clip published by “Bakr” yesterday, Saturday, he revealed a call between him and one of Erdogan’s relatives, which included a talk about sending weapons to “Al-Nusra” in Syria, and “Bakr” wrote a tweet via Twitter in which he said that the call brought him together with “Serdar Akshi”, Erdogan’s niece’s husband, and owner of a company “Lazwail” for the distribution of oil, and there was talk of sending weapons to Syria.
During the call, Akshi confirmed his knowledge and participation in providing weapons to help the militants of “Jabhat al-Nusra” in Syria, in new evidence of Erdogan and his close circle’s contribution to financing and arming terrorist organizations in Syria during the past years.
“Bakr” had previously revealed information in a previous video clip, information about Turkey sending arms shipments to “Al-Nusra” through the private security company “Sadat”, which is owned by “Adnan Tanriverdi”, Erdogan’s former chief security adviser.
According to the information that “Bakr” mentioned, the arms shipments were facilitated by the Turkish intelligence services to transport them to Syria, and senior officials in the Turkish authorities cooperated in order to transfer the arms within fake convoys entitled humanitarian aid.
It is noteworthy that Turkey has contributed, since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, in supporting and financing terrorist organizations, transferring militants to Syria across its borders, and providing them with training camps and funding and arming sources in order to fight the Syrian state.
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Curious George
Curious George
June 10, 2021

Well, that’s just a confirmation of old news but what I’d really like to hear about is; besides supplying Libyan weapons to this relative to supply to al Nusra, did Hillary C. also supply the sarin or was that strictly a Turkish delight?

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