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Afraa Dagher: “So far as Syrians are concerned, we would love to see these terrorist evacuated straight to hell”.

The liberation of Al-Qalamun by Hezbollah and the Syrian Arab Army.

Now the world knows why Hezbollah is in Syria. During the last several years we have been hearing sounds from here and there (especially from Saudi Arabia and its allies) who opposed the fact that Hezbollah was participating in the war in Syria against the globalist backed terrorists. Those voices, voices of those illegally operating in Syria, viewed Syria as a small country restricted by imposed artificial borders. However, in reality, the Syrian and Lebanese borders are becoming increasingly  inseparable in respect of the mutual security needs of both countries. Our peoples are working together to seal the borders and cut off the lifelines and passage ways of terrorist groups which threaten all of our lives and prosperity.

Today, this great Unity of the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah, the Islamic Lebanese resistance movement achieved a great advancement: the full the liberation of the western Al-Qalamoun region which is on the border with Lebanon about 200 km away from Syria. This border line was under terrorist occupation for many years, first under the Al-Nusra Front and lately the so called ”Islamic state” terrorists.

This site is considered the limp flank towards the Syrian territory and the same goes for the Lebanese interior. Terrorists launched many offences against Syrian cities from this border, i.e. the war in Al-Zabadani Damascus’ countryside as well as the war in Al-Qusier in Homs city. There was information about a new attack that would be launched from this border towards Al-Ghouta’ in Damascus countryside. From this same border, terrorists were sneaking to the Lebanese territory.

Finally, Syria secured its borders with Lebanon, thus establishing its military and geopolitical gains against Salafist terrorist groups. Syria is still having troubles on its borders with Turkey in the north. Also, Syria’s border with Iraq is not totally secured, not least due to illegal American interference at their Al-Tanaf base constructed on sovereign Syrian land.

This western side of Al- Qalamoun was a target for Israel in the year 1982. Israel knows quite well that by violating this side of our border, it is making a direct strike on the back flank of both the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah. Those terrorists are directed by their real masters who are the real enemies of Syria! Unfortunately the terrorists of the so-called Islamic state are going to be evacuated to Al-Bokamal Almyadeen  in Deir -AlZourprovince, in the East of Syria.

So far as Syrians are concerned, we would love to see these terrorist evacuated straight to hell!. However, after those terrorists surrendered to the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah, something was struck called “the surrender agreement” whereby the terrorists are to be sent to the east of Syria and their injured to be transported by the Syrian red crescent ambulances in exchange of information about the Lebanese soldiers from the Lebanese Army who are captives of those terrorists.

Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, the general secretary of Hezbollah declared that they asked that all captives if from Syria or Lebanon including captured journalists, bishops, soldiers and all others ,be released from the hands of the terrorists. Sadly there are regional forces and political parties in Lebanon who for a long time have been playing a dirty role, trying to stop the Lebanese Army operation from rescue terrorist captives! Unfortunately, this gave the terrorists of so-called ISIS the time to execute the innocent captives, including both Christians and Muslims.

However Hezbollah, the Lebanese Army and the Syrian Army never let the blessed bodies of their martyrs be spent in vain. The latest information is one captive and eight martyrs will be delivered to Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army. Finally, the united Lebanese resistance and Syrian Arab Army helped secure their borders which will help create unity from Lebanon to Iraq in cooperation with the Iraqi Army and AlHashed Alsha’bi in the east of Syria.

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August 29, 2017

The SAA, Lebanese Army and the Hezbollah: fighters for peace, freedom, prosperity. Their achievemens will never be forgotten. And variously from Al Masdar and South Front: We will soon know whether the US has decided to violate its “deconfliction” agreements. The multi-front push toward Deir Ezzor can now only be disrupted if the US again mistakenly/on purpose attack the SAA. And Raqqah: “Arab” members of the SDF have been arested by the kurdish elements for “cooperating with the SAA” and two Arab commanders within the SDF have defected to the SAA. The Arab mixture in the SDF was enhanced artificially… Read more »

André De Koning
André De Koning
August 29, 2017

Good to hear and let’s hope this war will come to an end soon and Syria will survive as sovereign state!

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