Oliver Stone hopes for Russian success in Syria…says the US “turned into the empire of chaos”

Oscar award winning Director Oliver Stone gave an interview in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, where he expressed his hope that the Russian airstrikes in Syria are successful.

Regarding Russian President Putin’s decision to begin airstrikes against ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria, Stone said…

“It is a good thing that Russia has started taking action in Syria. I hope he wins and helps restore the Syrian army which would defeat ISIL.”

Stone noted that ISIS emerged as a result of Bush’s illegal Iraq War.

“We created the chaos we are now witnessing in the Middle East. We destabilised the entire region, but now we are blaming ISIL for that. But we are to blame, we are now an empire of chaos,” the director said.

On Assad, Stone pointed out that…

“Assad is a tough guy. And I know he is to blame for many atrocities against his own people. But he is not better and not worse than tyrants from Saudi Arabia, or Saddam Hussein – at the time when he was our ally and before.”

According to Stone, “the Cold War never ended,” and the two Presidential terms of Barack Obama were simply a continuation of the presidency of George Bush Jr., in respect of destabilisation of seven countries: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Iran.

Stone places the blame for the rise of ISIS squarely on the US…saying the terrorist organisation is a result of the war in Iraq.

“We destabilised the whole region and now we blame this chaos on IS, which turned into a real caliphate. But the fault lies on us: we turned into the empire of chaos.”

Stone also touched on the US coup and subsequent funding of neo-nazi forces in Ukraine, noting that when covering such events the West simply ignores the point of view of Russia.

“Putin, in my opinion, protected geo-strategic interests of Russia in the face of the policy of invasion pursued by the USA and Europe which seek to expand the influence to the east”.

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November 2, 2015

Well I certainly agree, but our problem is this warped allegiance to Isreal. It’s really Isreal who is behind most of all the US involvement. Isreal wants to rule the world, but they’re not going to USE God and rule the world! They really need to get over it! It’s not happening! In fact, they’re putting their very existence at a threat, and this power pursuit will eventually be Isreal’s end!

Watch Obama squirm on 60 Minutes…explaining his $500 billion train Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria as a way for him “to try different things”

Obama’s stupid plan to airdrop 50 tons of weapons to “moderate rebels” in Syria is his “clever” way of pushing for WW3