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Obama and Merkel meet as their world order crumbles

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When John F. Kennedy went to Berlin he is remembered for saying to his opponents ‘Let Them Come To Berlin’ and ‘I am a Berliner’.  When an even more militant Ronald Reagan came, he said, ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall’. When Obama came to Berlin yesterday for a fawning session with Angela Merkel, not many people will remember anything other than a sore loser standing up for a broken system that has been totally rejected in his own country and is being rejected throughout Europe, including in Germany.

Obama’s words were a paradox of weakness and defiance, all amounting to an attempt at sabotaging Donald Trump before he has taken his oath of office.

The failed Obama and Chancellor Merkel, who may well be ousted by her own party before she even gets to decide whether she’s arrogant enough to fight a further election, didn’t look like two mighty leaders standing on a global platform.  They instead looked a bit like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet clinging onto a plank in the Atlantic after the Titanic sunk….who would sacrifice whom?

The context of the press conference was predictable. Crimea, which is a Republic of the Russian Federation, was ‘annexed’, Russia has ‘invaded Ukraine’ (many Russians wish that Russia would intervene militarily against an alliance of fascists, terrorists and mercenaries), Brexit was bad, the EU’s collapse could lead to war and America must remain committed to aggressive policies in Europe.

Whilst unsurprising, it was still shocking when Obama seemed to openly endorse and encourage the gangs of miscreants running wild on America’s streets. He said he would not advise them to remain silent. What an irresponsible and dangerous statement to make at a time when he ought to appeal for peace and the rule of law rather than anarchy and subversion.

Although Obama is still technically the President, if he had honoured the commitment he made to make Donald Trump’s transition to power smooth and dignified, he would have toned down his discredited rhetoric. The defiance is a sore loser mentality which sends dangerously mixed messages to other world powers.

The only enjoyable moment came when Obama was asked if he’d endorse Merkel should she decide to fight a forthcoming election as leader of the CDU. He admitted that he would, but expressed hope that such an endorsement would not hurt her chances should she wish to fight the election.

This is of course is a clear reference to Obama’s trip to London prior to the Brexit vote where he threatened British voters to remain in the EU or else suffer the punishment of being isolated by the US. Many, including Nigel Farage believed that this helped the Brexit side gain momentum.

Indeed, whilst the political class in Berlin remain shocked by Trump’s victory, which to some, including Swedish foreign minister and prime minister Carl Bildt represents the ‘end of the west  as we know it’, the wider world, including a majority in the west, see a changing of political realities in the west as a political renaissance and an opportunity to engage with the multi-polar world on an equal basis rather than on the basis of nuclear armed post-colonial cry-babies.

Whilst the scenes in Berlin looked like a political wake, more good news was coming out of Damascus. As the Syrian Arab Army and their Russian allies make a further big push against Islamic terrorists in eastern Aleppo, Syrian government spokeswomen Bouthaina Shaaban made a statement at Damascus University in which said expressed her optimism about Syria working cooperatively with a Trump-led United States.

“We are currently observing and studying… and we are not making any judgments now, but the signs so far are good”, – Shaaban said.

This must really make Obama and Merkel feel useless.  Events have outpaced their tired, old globalist ideology and what has replaced it is a true spirit of international cooperation. What Obama derided as realpolitik, is actually a return to normalcy and away from the insanity of money-driven infantile  ideology.

I’ll end on a charitable note. Obama and Merkel will soon be out of a job, maybe they can rent a retirement penthouse at Trump Tower together and pretend they hold the power that is slipping away from their blood stained hands.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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