Novichok – A Tory Prescription

Two UK citizens were found unconscious in Amesbury, England, allegedly exposed to the same deadly novichok nerve agent as the Skripals last March.

Like the Skripal case, the UK leadership and the Western media jumped on the incident, suggesting Russian responsibility. Novichok is virtually code for alleged Kremlin involvement.

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Spike Munch
Spike Munch

Re the Salisbury thing.

The Russians did it.

AM Hants
AM Hants

How long does the chemical last, once made up? How long would the syringe last, if containing, such a potent concuction? Door knob, so where does syringe fit in? How many UK Forces, Chemical Weapons Experts, plus police, spent weeks, sifting through Salisbury? How many survive a military, chemical weapon overdose? How many died, just down the road in Gosport War Memorial Hospital, courtesy of Government opiod overdoses? 450, thanks to Doctors, plus nurses. How much has been spent on destroying thes economy of Salisbury? How many decades did it take to investigate Salisbury? How much has it cost to… Read more »


5 people poisoned with one of deadliest agents known to man – and nobody died?

Must be something in the water, I suppose.


First batch of poisoning – ‘don’t worry the stuff dissipates quickly.’
Second batch of poisoning – ‘don’t worry the stuff hangs around for a long time … and please, use baby-wipes to keep safe.’

Real embarrassing to be a Brit today!


There’s only one thing I’d change about your new shirt. Novichok is not just a Tory prescription, which relegates it to one nation. Novichok is the Globalist prescription for instigating World War III !!!

By the way, I understand the British authorities have suggested residents of the area surrounding Amesbury (and Salisbury, and– dare we say it–Porton Down) wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water if they feel they’ve been exposed. Remember to sing “Happy Birthday” so you wash for at least 20 seconds!!!

AM Hants
AM Hants

Has anybody seen the OPCW report, showing the CWs in Syria were as the witnesses stated, more chlorine than sarin. Didn’t the false accusations lead to the missile missile attack, carried out by the UK, US plus France? Remember the Russian submarines, plus tug, cornering the UK astute class submarine, from unloading her missiles? No mention in MSM. No apologies by May, Boris, Maccron or Haley. Nicely timed, just in time for the President Putin meeting with Trump? Wonder how it will go down at the Nato, wine, dine and whinge freebie? Wonder how it will go down, when Trump… Read more »

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