NFL Week 13: Empty Redskins vs. Cowboys Thursday night game (Photos)

Thousands of empty seats at Redskins – Cowboys game.

Identity politics continues to demolish the NFL, as “deplorable” fans stay away from even the most heated rivalries like the Thursday night match up between the Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys.

Via Yardbarker

To be fair, Thursday games are always a little tricky with crowds. While not as bad as they are on the West Coast (where the start time is 5:25), it’s certainly possible that a crowd for a mid week game with a 7:25 local start will be late arriving.

But the best guess is that most of these empty seats are because both the Redskins and Dallas are essentially out of the playoff race in the NFC. Whatever the reason, that’s certainly not a picture that anyone in the NFL wants to see.

The game started off at 7:30 PM in Arlington and thousands of seats were still available well into the first quarter (courtesy of The Gateway Pundit)…

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December 8, 2017

thye don’t allow rock concerts at the kleveland football stadium but will allow red neck hillbilly concerts there

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