New tell-all book reveals Bill Clinton’s addiction to sex endangered his Secret Service detail

Ex-Secret Service officer details how Bill Clinton’s sex addiction endangered the lives of agents.

Lost in all the hoopla surrounding Michael Wolff’s anti-Trump book ‘Fire and Fury’ is another book detailing the well known sexual exploits of former POTUS Bill Clinton, and the effects Bill’s sexual appetite had on the safety of the men and women sworn to protect him.

According to a former agent assigned to Bill Clinton’s detail, the former POTUS endangered the lives of Secret Service agents because of his obsession with his mistresses.

The Gateway Pundit reports…

In an explosive new tell-all book published by former Secret Service Uniform Division Officer Gary J. Byrne, a UD Officer was nearly killed in a car accident one night as Bill Clinton tried to sneak over to a ‘lady friend’s’ house.

Bill Clinton was so sex crazed that he got caught sneaking out of the White House one night with a raincoat over his head. This freak almost made it into the White House again. Let that sink in.

Byrne was assigned to Bill Clinton’s detail and served in federal law enforcement for almost 30 years.

Byrne writes in “Secrets of the Secret Service: The History and Uncertain Future of the U.S. Secret Service” that Bill Clinton would order a small motorcade to follow his car around D.C. while he snuck around with various women.

During one of these rendezvous, a Secret Service officer dubbed “Reverend” hurried to run a red light in order to keep up with Bill Clinton’s car and an oncoming vehicle t-boned him leaving him with a grave head injury.

Bill Clinton and the other agents left the scene of the crash and left the DC police to handle the accident. The police had no idea the president of the United States was slithering around town incognito for sex romps.

Even more egregious, the gravely injured officer had to fight for his medical bills to be paid.

Via the Washington Examiner…

Afterward, according to the book, the agency tried to block payments to “Reverend” until he threatened to go to court where the details would be revealed. Still, the affair cut into the agency’s morale. Wrote Byrne in the book provided to Secrets:

“Word of what had happened to Reverend spread like wildfire through the Uniformed Division because any UD officer could have been in Reverend’s place. And although many would take a bullet for the president, what was the risk for? Were Clinton’s sordid personal affairs worth an officer’s life? Was that the duty we had signed up for, the reason we spent so much time away from our families?”

The Washington Examiner reports that Bill Clinton snuck out of the White House one night with a raincoat over his head. He was caught at the gate as he was on his way to visit one of his mistresses:

Byrne quotes the unnamed officer’s call for help: “You better get me some help up here. I just caught Bruce Lindsey trying to drive out West Exec. with the president with a raincoat over his head.”

He also said that the service was angered with Clinton’s antics and efforts to skip out unnoticed. But in the end, they agreed to “off the record” trips in small motorcades, wrote Byrne.

The Washington Examiner reports on another Bill Clinton exploit…

“Another tale that was kept from the public would have surely been called ‘Ringgate’ had the media caught wind of it. The president was in a major metropolitan airport, en route to Air Force One, when he realized he had left his wedding ring at his hotel. He ordered the motorcade to turn around so he could retrieve it. He was especially concerned about being seen arriving or boarding without his wedding ring as he had been traveling without the first lady.” 

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Dennis Morrisseau
January 6, 2018

“With young blonde” and her mother?

Reply to  Dennis Morrisseau
January 8, 2018

NWO : screw the family ! ( the pillar of a healthy society) . Masonic Zio Satanists in cocained action here.

Dennis Morrisseau
January 6, 2018

Her mother looks a lot like Jane Sanders, har har, but of course is NOT.

January 7, 2018

CLINTON CRIME SYNDICATE is going to JAIL in 2018 THE COMING STORM… (49 TOTAL IMAGES, HOLD ON!) it is the draining of the swamp, a giant global hurricane of veracity. Donald Trump has vowed to go after child rapists, his DOJ has already arrested over 6,000 human traffickers and rescued over 2000 kids during his administration. This is never shown in the MSM for two reasons: 1) it breaks the Trump is hitler narrative they are selling 2) it exposes democrat Sanctuary Cities, and leads to Hollywood/Congress TPP = Global corporate control EU = Rothchilds/Soros/Merkel control out of Brussels UN… Read more »

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