New poll shows over 60% of French voters want President Hollande to leave office before his term

Can it get any worse for French President Hollande?

Via Sputnik News Agency…

Three quarters of French citizens were discontent with President Francois Hollande and 55 percent with Prime Minister Manuel Valls, according to a poll carried out by French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP), Journal du Dimanche reported.

The poll shows that more women are dissatisfied with their president (77 percent) than men (73 percent).

Over 60 percent of French voters want President Francois Hollande to leave office before his term runs out in in 2017, according to a new poll conducted by Ifop for Le Figaro Magazine, the media outlet reported Thursday.

An astonishing 93 percent of supporters of the Front National (FN) and the Union for Popular Movement (UMP) were dissatisfied with Hollande. A similar trend is seen among supporters of most other political parties with the sole exception of those who support Hollande’s Socialist Party (30 percent).

Even then, the numbers reveal that almost one third of those who support the Socialist Party are discontent with Hollande himself.

Hollande’s popularity started to drop last fall due to the high level of unemployment, public debt and the extreme budget deficit. Last November, almost 3.5 million people were unemployed in France, the highest recorded level in the country’s recent history.


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