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New Iranian film depicts a failed US invasion (VIDEO)

A new animated Iranian film called ‘Battle of Persian Gulf II’ depicts a US invasion of the country in which the Iranian Revolutionary Guard decimate American forces.

According to the filmmakers, it is a grassroots effort without any state funding.

Filmmaker Farhad Azima told Reuters:

“Our animators are not working for money, but for their beliefs and their love of the country. Thank God, everyone is surprised that we’ve managed to create such high-quality production under this poor condition.”

He goes on to explain that the film’s dramatic ending depicts sunken US naval ships in the Persian Gulf that become reefs for fish.

The film is clearly designed to boost Iranian morale at a time that the US has turned away from Syria and Europe to a great extent, in order to issue threatening proclamations against Iran. It must be said that Michael Flynn was a staunch member of the administration’s anti-Iran party. His departure, however, will likely not change the rhetoric on Iran.

Although the film is clearly a propaganda tool, no different than US films depicting John Wayne in combat with Native Americans, there is a bigger lesson to be learned.

The US may have the largest and most well-funded military in the world, but this does not necessarily make it the world’s most effective fighting force. The Saker recently wrote about why this is the case.

The fact remains that ever since the US intervention in Korea, the US has had more military embarrassments, setbacks, and catastrophes that it has had tangible victories. Where small operations against poorly armed states can be short-term successes and CIA-led coups often accomplish their goal, in the wider sense the war in Korea, Vietnam and the 2003 war on Iraq have been total disasters.

What’s more is that when people are fighting in their homelands and for their homes, even poorly armed soldiers can muster tremendous courage and Iran is a vast country with a highly trained and generally well-armed military.

I am not a supporter of Iran’s post-1979 government in any way shape or form, nor did I care for the old Imperial regime. I find Iranian ambitions for the Arab world to be worrisome. But Iran has not caused America any harm except in Iraq, which Iran operates out of only because of the illegal US invasion.

In the wider sense, Iran is not an issue for America.

Any invasion of Iran would be the biggest disaster for the US since Vietnam. In many ways, it could be far worse.

I still do not take the US threats against Iran at face value. I do not think there will be a war, but if I am wrong, the effects for America would be a disaster. In this sense, much can be understood from the film.

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