New book hits Amazon debating if “Men Are Obsolete”

Here we go again.  Strong independent women who got together in Toronto at the end of 2013 for a public pow wow on the usefulness of men, have now published the transcript of the event in a new book called Are Men Obsolete?  I know I will be ordering my copy right away, along with the Twilight Forever: Complete Saga Box Set and The CB-6000 Male Chastity Device.

The messed up part about publishing a forum transcript on men’s utility and their place in society, from a conference attended by no men and a panel featuring no men, is the sheer balls on some of these women to actually tell attendees what men need and want.

The UK Telegraph’s Theo Merz reports:

Supporting the motion [of men being obsolete] was Maureen Dowd, the New York Times columnist and author of Are Men Necessary?, and Hanna Rosin, who wrote the social study The End of Men. Arguing against the motion was the feminist academic Camille Paglia and The Times’s Caitlin Moran.

So it’s an intentionally provocative title, and while you can only imagine the outcry a book called “Are Women Obsolete?” would cause, I don’t feel we all have to be ready to leap to offence just because a minority of feminists are. It’s also jarring to have four women discussing the role of men in the modern world, but let’s come prepared to accept the truth from whoever tells it.

The problem is in the manner of the telling; in the hen-party humour, the resignation as they speak of the Lessons Men Must Learn. All of the speakers claim they want to help “obsolete” man adapt to the changes in his environment, but who are they trying to convince with this?

Theo Merz must be a red pill journalist for sure.  He is spot on by pointing out that women worldwide would conjure up a shit storm if a conference were held called “Are Women Obsolete?”  The entire conference and book speak volumes as to how clueless these ladies are. They suffer from a severe case of solipsism, and are clearly unable to see the world around them for what it is, not for how they wish it to be.

Needless to say, these women’s studies graduates on the panel continue to insult and berate men as if we are little children or sitcom caricatures…

Fortunately Rosin, Dowd’s teammate, has made some unilateral decisions about how men can remain relevant enough to survive in the modern world. “We don’t want to castrate men [Cheers – ed]. We don’t want to turn them into eunuchs. We don’t even want to feminise them that much. We just want to keep whatever we love about manhood and adjust the parts that are holding men back.”

Later she addresses the men in the audience directly: “You are allowed to preserve the parts of manhood that you love and value – whether that is craftsmanship, or macho-ness, or eating nachos and playing video games.”

There is, I admit, a poetic justice in female public intellectuals telling men what they can and can’t be after centuries of educated men doing the same to women. But it doesn’t seem much like progress.

So here is a thought, since Ms. Rosin is telling us men what we can keep about manhood and what we should do away with, how about we do the same, and express our desire as men to women, to preserve feminine values and traditional gender roles.  So Ms. Rosin while you are telling men how to act and behave, take a 10 minute break from your whining and go make me a sandwich.

The entire women’s movement was based on equality between the sexes and now that this has been achieved (and then some) people like Rosin and Dowd are so drunk with power that they must enslave and shame men in order to subliminally segregate society between bourgeoisie females and the proletariat males.

Here is a scenario for Rosin, Dowd and all her disciples to consider. How about 5% of all men go on strike for one day.  One fucking day, 5% of men, would be all that is needed for the entire world of things we need, not want, but need (energy, raw materials, distribution) to grind the cushy life of women like this to an absolute halt. We are talking a social collapse like nothing ever scene, the minute men follow Rosin and Dowd’s advice and just make themselves useless.

Luckily their were cooler heads and more rationale ladies on the panel to bring some logic to the table.

The issues raised in the book do need to be discussed. The economy is changing in a way which seems to value ‘female skills’ over traditionally male ones; as Rosin points out, in every part of America, young single women have a higher median income than young single men. And I’ve seen first hand the problems that pressure to live up to traditional models of masculinity can cause, whether it’s in men who are returning from war, or have been sexually assaulted, or have mental health issues.

Moran, opposed to the motion, makes the point that this is not a zero-sum game; women don’t ‘win’ if they decide men are surplus to requirements. “We can’t keep having arguments about men versus women: this is what screws us up…We’re in this together.” Which is of course true, though there’s a certain irony in the fact she came to an all-female discussion of male obsolescence to get this across.

Moran sums it up well, we are in this together.  We were made to compliment one another, not suppress each other.  It is this acceptance of each sex’s strengths and weaknesses that will provide the way forward.  Women everywhere need to tell “intellectuals” like Rosin and Dowd to get lost.  If we treat men as invisible working drones with no value other than to benefit a woman’s “sex and the city” life style, then men will begin to lose motivation and simply check out. It’s already happening at alarming rates and all of society will suffer because of feminist greed, hate and misandry.

Men thrive on motivation and the female partner is the greatest motivator in human history. The minute the female partner shits on her male peer, then the chains of production break down and we are all screwed.


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June 3, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: Are Men Are Obsolete? According to a new book, men are disposable. #redpill truth is needed.

June 3, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: Are Men Are Obsolete? According to a new book, men are disposable. #redpill truth is needed.

June 3, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: Are Men Are Obsolete? According to a new book, men are disposable. #redpill truth is needed.

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