Neocons Can Be Forcibly Removed from Power

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Seemingly eons ago (2019) in the article, Whither Next Neocons? link: (2019) we examined the-then sorry state of affairs going forward for Washington’s Neocon warmongers, with such observations as:

Whether by accident or by design, Washington’s “foreign policy” has now pivoted aggressively to attempt to undermine the world’s greatest powers — formerly its partners — who now stand in opposition to that US aggression: namely Russia and China.


What we must truly fear however is whether or when their meaningless Kabuki dance may turn violent and ugly, when Neocons find themselves in their final death throes, finally understanding that their time has truly passed. And they want to take us all with them – to the grave… just as they always have done.

Time has proven the verity of the above words, but there is a further problem for the former United States* in pursuing that agenda, that the United States is — in its own right — a failed state, which is only currently perpetuated by the present but passing dominance of the US dollar.

For one, the US American industrial base has been decimated by corrupt Wall Street interests and its revolving door (private corporate power collusion with the federal state) for decades, such as the Vanguard Group, State Street, Black Rock, etc which collude with the thoroughly corrupt US central bank system ie the Federal Reserve and its primary dealers Link: to subvert markets and game the financial capital system in the west.

With its decimated industrial base corrupted by Wall Street interests, the former United States is incapable of producing the weaponry needed to provide the ammunition for its proxy war in the Ukraine. With a zombie labor force betting on bitcoin or languishing in its woke basement funded by helicopter dollars, the United States does not have the resources, labor force, or even the moral initiative to prosecute a major war via an adversary with no such issues.

A handful of US Abrams tanks – as vulnerable to modern anti-tank weapons as any other – will not salvage the empire of failed states. Nor will F16’s supplied to the Ukraine, or any other desperate Neocon measure to arm its imperial lackeys.

Proof? For one, check out silver spot. Silver is an essential element for producing weapons of war, and while LMT and GD may be mooning, silver spot is not. The United States cannot produce the weaponry needed for its proxy war in the Ukraine, and, even if it could, does not have the means to get that weaponry to the theater of war via the exceedingly corrupt Kiev regime. Furthermore, the United States is not a “super power”, but a failed state desperately attempting to maintain its hegemonic.. a hegemon that is not only fading fast, but has already seen its demise. (Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan etc)

While writing about the Neocons’ potential next move in 2019 (recall that the Warfare State will never fold its cards unless forced to do so by facing the wrong end of the barrel of a gun) this author could not quite grasp the now obvious direction for the Oligarchs and Plutocrats who own and operate the United States, namely the Impressive Tradecraft Nuland-State coup of 2014. That is, the US coup in the Ukraine and the opportunity that Pyatt-Nuland Ukraine coup provided. Link:
It was a coup long in the making, from the 1949 time of James Jesus’s Project Fiend /MI6 Operation Valuable of 1949

Link: an ideological obsession that has existed inside the Beltway for far longer than many have lived.

History is a bitch, and those unwilling to consider it are of course doomed to repeat it, with emphasis on doomed. Iconic of that doom will be German tanks rolling across Poland to confront Russia, in a Polish-German pact of aggression, where the perverse will of the collective west in league with a Poland’s vendetta of spite will meet a deadly fate. And that’s precisely what we see today, where Washington’s fantastic board game of Risk must face the hard reality that the Beltway’s global hegemonic reign cannot continue.

Of course, whenever we examine ideology we must consider its purity, and the true Neocon ideology of Machiavellian global dominance and destruction originated with the dogmatic ideologues of Washington, whom have pursued such goals since the end of WW2. It’s an ideological design that dates back to Dean Acheson, Allen Dulles, and James Jesus and their henchmen since the end of WW2. To the point, Warfare State Neocons from Dean Acheson to Jake Sullivan have been on the wrong side of history for almost eight decades.

So for how long can a global hegemon be on the wrong side of history? Theoretically only so long as the rest of the world is willing to tolerate the failed states that such a hegemon creates, and has been allowed to create. For the modern idea of global conquest in the collective west has nothing to do with capturing territory and administering same; the ideological goal of the Neocons is to create failed states.

On no account does Washington wish to conquer and absorb territory that it must administer as empires of old once did. Truly, the Neocons’ Empire as envisaged by faceless Beltway bureaucrats and Deep State operatives is an empire of Failed States where the former United States can reap the resources and production of that territory for itself, while not being encumbered by administration and governmental responsibility for that territory. We see that US failed state modus operandi in Vietnam, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan etc, and of course… in the Ukraine.

Slowly, the rest of the world may grasp the corrupt cancer that the US ‘rules based order’ represents… when those “rules” are conjured by none other than Antony Blinken or whomsoever Washington’s plutocracy deigns the talking head to be, to issue the State-corporate dogmatic edict for regime change. Whether it be in Syria, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Myanmar … or Russia.

The crux of the issue… how will this US rules-based disorder finally be ended? The Evil Empire will most likely be ended not by the death of the US dollar, but by its defeat… defeat and marginalization of the $ US as global hegemonic currency. The marginalization and jettisoning of the $ US as reserve currency is often theorized, but factually the US dollar must be seriously marginalized as global reserve currency to forcibly remove Washington’s warfare state Neocons from their power privilege to do damage worldwide.

Slowly, the rest of the world outside the Collective West is adapting to the fact that it must effectively and pragmatically curtail its use and reliance on the US dollar, before the Neocon’s power to create failed states can truly and forcibly be ended. And what will be the result?

When King Dollar is relegated to the bench, the former United States will no longer be able to engage in its wars and provocations of opportunity, and self-interest, and will no longer be able to pursue its agenda of failed state creation. Even US Treasury and EU economic sanctions won’t matter to the adversary, just as we are seeing with Russia and Iran surviving and thriving despite US Treasury sanctions imposed today.

Bottom line, at that future time, when the dollar US is relegated and marginalized as world reserve currency, the USA will be relegated to a has-been power, just as Britain, Rome, and other empires have all eventually failed. The USA will be challenged by the Sino-Russian and BRICS pact, with the dollar US perhaps accounting for 50% of world currency trade, or less. That day is certainly coming.

And when that day is realized – ie that the USA has no more geopolitical power than say Turkey, India, or the China powerhouse, then the Neocon legacy of evil will finally be put to rest, forever.

*Whether the United States as founded has existed since the assassination coup of NOV 22, 1963 is in itself debatable, hence the term “former United States”:


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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January 27, 2023

Great article, just a pity it won’t be broadcast on the MSM but no doubt the Global South will be reading it, hope so anyway.

January 28, 2023

If there was a honest investigation of 9/11 and the “pandemic”, they would all get death sentence.

Reply to  Commit
January 28, 2023

Where are the American Balls ?

Reply to  Jim
January 28, 2023

True Mossad did the heavy lifting, placing explosives etc. But there must have been many Americans involved.

January 28, 2023

neoconazion, more correctly, These are the creators and beneficiaries of the nine eleven false flag attacks, ushering the present tragedy into full colour. Establishing their creative genius to deceive. If the intelligence communities outside of the five eyes don’t know it they should be fired.


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