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‘Navarro Report’ With Proof Trump Won! Everything The Main Stream Media Won’t Tell You!

The Navarro Report Volume III Final 1.13.21-0001.pdf 

Why doesn’t the main stream media tell you the truth?

Volume 3 of the Navarro Report is designed to serve as a capstone to what has been a comprehensive analysis of the question: Was the 2020 presidential election stolen from Donald J. Trump? In this report, we provide the most up-to-date statistical “receipts” with respect to the potential number of illegal votes in each battleground state.

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January 16, 2021

We already know this, however, no-one cares enough to see or hear the truth.

Reply to  BobValdez
January 16, 2021

A great many people care, but are powerless to do something about it. It’s those in power who are too implicated, too cowardly, too corrupt or simply too complacent to take action. Most people will always take the line of least resistance and just go along with the ‘mainstream’ view, even if this has been artificially created – ‘gaslit’ or ‘astroturfed’ in today’s language. However, the issue won’t go away. The powers-that-be hope it’ll become like the 9/11 Truth movement to be safely ignored. The difference is that once an electoral system is corrupted and seen to be so, people… Read more »

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Dee Cee
January 16, 2021

This stuff makes me so sick. What I’m seeing now is that majority of American voices in media are on board with the destruction of our country and deplatforming of dissent.

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