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Mueller Finally Releases Heavily Redacted Key Flynn Memo On Eve Of Sentencing

Via Zerohedge

Having initially snubbed Judge Emmet Sullivan’s order to release the original 302 report from the Michael Flynn interrogation in January 2017, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has finally produced the heavily redacted document, just hours before sentencing is due to be handed down.

The memo  – in full below – details then-national security adviser Michael Flynn’s interview with FBI agents Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka, and shows Flynn was repeatedly asked about his contacts with former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and in each instance, Flynn denied (or did not recall) any such conversations.

The agents had transcripts of Flynn’s phone calls to Russian Ambassador Kislyak, thus showing Flynn to be lying.

Flynn pleaded guilty guilty last December to lying to the FBI agents about those conversations with Kislyak.

The redactions in the document seem oddly placed but otherwise, there is nothing remarkable about the content…

Aside from perhaps Flynn’s incredulity at the media attention…

Flynn is set to be sentenced in that federal court on Tuesday.

Of course, as Christina Laila notes, the real crime is that Flynn was unmasked during his phone calls to Kislyak and his calls were illegally leaked by a senior Obama official to the Washington Post.

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Full document below…

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Olivia Kroth

And all of this because General Flynn dared to speak with the Russian Ambassador to the USA. I find it very sad, when you are not allowed to speak to Russians any more. So what is diplomacy all about? Why is the Russian Ambassador in the USA, if nobody is allowed to talk to him? He might as well return home, and Russia should send US Ambassador Jon Huntsman home, too.


Mueller should be charged, indicted, imprisoned and fined for high treason.Whichever comes first.

Olivia Kroth

Very true! Mueller is a very shady character, to put it mildly. One might even call him a gangster.

Brigitte Meier
Brigitte Meier

Most of Flynn’s conversations with Kislyak took place during the introduction period but before .Trump was sworn in. Flynn had good reason not to show those conversations for state reasons, not collusion.

It is sad when a presidential staff can no longer talk to the Russian ambassador in privacy.

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