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MSM blasts Ivanka Trump for the same reasons they praise Hillary Clinton

When Ivanka Trump briefly sat in for her father during a plenary session of the G20 summit in Hamburg she received heavy criticism from the western  mainstream media as well as others who support the Democratic party of Hillary Clinton.

Much of the criticism revolved around the fact that Ivanka Trump’s position in a seat of power (however temporary) at the G20, arose because she is the daughter of the President of the United States.

Such critics conveniently forget that Hillary Clinton rose to political prominence because she was the wife of the President of the United States, a familial relation that is voluntary as opposed to being the daughter of a well known figure, something which of course Ivanka had no choice in.

Prior to becoming first lady through her marriage to Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton never held a single elected office or any other position in the Federal government of the US.

Even before using her husband’s political career as a springboard to becoming a US Senator in 2001, Hilary Clinton turned the generally apolitical role of the First Lady into an overtly political position that involved policy making, campaigning and agitating for various causes.

Although Eleanor Roosevelt was a deeply public First Lady compared to her predecessors and most of her successors, no First Lady was as politically active and as politically and legally controversial as Hillary Clinton.

In 1993, Hillary Clinton chaired a task-force responsible for the Clinton health care plan of 1993. Far from simply being an apolitical charitable drive for public health as Nancy Reagan’s ‘Say No To Drugs’ campaign was, Hillary Clinton’s leadership of the healthcare task force put her at the front and centre of White Hosue policy making in spite of being un-elected to any position, in spite of not being formally appointed to a cabinet position and in spite of not being a doctor or nurse.

Her years as First Lady raised many red flags due to the scandalous behaviour she engaged in at the time.

Hillary Clinton’s White House activities between 1993 and 1994 came under scrutiny during a scandal called Filegate wherein Hillary Clinton was accused of improper use of confidential information.

In 1993, the first year of Bill Clinton’s Presidency, she also stood accused of being involved in the improper firing of White House officials and subsequently making false statements about the matters. This became known as the Travelgate scandal.

Hillary Clinton’s position of power in the White House led to comparisons with Lady Macbeth, the devious power behind the throne of the Shakespearean tragedy.

By all accounts, Hillary Clinton was a cunning individual who used her talents to climb up the ladders of elite power in the United States where in the 2016 Presidential election she fell short of America’s most coveted position which by many accounts she always sought.

Whether Hillary Clinton could have achieved her positions as Senator, Secretary of State or twice failed Presidential Candidate without her marriage to an American President is up for debate, but the objective reality is that before her husband became President she did not hold any elected office nor any position in the Federal Government. After Bill Clinton’s Presidency she held both.

Ivanka Trump, like Hillary Clinton, clearly possesses the ability to speak to a crowd and get high level jobs done, the quality of each is largely a subjective matter.

The fact remains however, that Democrats who support Hillary Clinton do not have a leg to stand on when accusing Ivanka Trump of having the role of a White House adviser when their own political leader and hero Hillary Clinton achieved her power due to her proximity to her husband when he was President of the United States.

This when Donald Trump Tweeted the following,

Trump was correct. Either one is totally opposed to family relations attaining influence or one allows for the possibility that some people may feel that their relations are worthy of assuming roles of political responsibility without facing the electorate directly.

One cannot have it both ways, but that’s the way the mainstream media is having it.

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