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Moscow is speeding into the 21st century with a TOTAL infrastructure transformation (VIDEO)

While US President Trump argues with congress over funding for his plans to renovate America’s crumbling infrastructure, Moscow has already started

You may not have heard, but Russia’s capital Moscow is in the midst a vast infrastructure renovation project.

Roads, bridges, railroads, sidewalks and parks are all being built or rebuilt. A new surface rail system, comparable to Berlin’s S-Bahn, opened last year.

And a brand new park, Zaryade, which showcases the different climate zones of Russia and was designed by two American architects, was just opened by Vladimir Putin next to the Kremlin last week.

Mayor Sergey Sobyanin is behind the move, meant to make Moscow a more “livable” city.

Of course, there are always some people opposed to any large scale construction project.

Even western media had to take notice of the changes, with this mostly fair report from France 24. But with Moscow quickly leaving violent and litter-filled Paris behind, they’re obviously jealous.

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