More evidence that MH17 was torn apart by a board canon of a Ukrainian SU-25

Via the Deep Resource blog…

Latest analysis from a Russian source ‘Colonel Cassad’. Best takeaway point: a BUK missile has a payload of 32 kg, consisting of ca. 4500 ‘high energy objects’, which should have perforated most, if not every part of the plane. But it did not. Look at the photos of wings and body to verify that most is undamaged. Most holes are in the cockpit area. It was a board canon of a Ukrainian SU-25 and not a BUK. MH17 was an orchestrated event by Ukraine and possibly/probably supported by the CIA. But the Ukrainian incompetents carried out the operation clumsily and the internet does the rest. US lapdog Holland obeys orders from Washington to cover it up and gets 122.5 ton (of its own) gold repatriated as a reward (‘hush gold’).

Expect to learn the truth about MH17 in a distant future, for instance when the US (empire) no longer exists, not earlier.

[] – How the Malaysian “Boeing” was shot down
[] – How MH17 was shot down – analysis by Colonel Cassad

Where are the 4500 holes?

All you see is a grazing shot, originating from a source at roughly the same altitude as the MH17.



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