Misanthropy can teach us about sane foreign policy making

Misanthropy is defined as the hatred of mankind. Misanthropes are generally individuals who don’t have time for things such as:


–small talk


–contrived joy

But very few misanthropes are violent or aggressive.  Most tend to keep to themselves, preferring withdrawal to rage as their de-facto defence mechanism.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, one has serial killers, those who murder not in the heat of the moment, not in self-defence and not for revenge. Serial killers murder multiple individuals because of ideology. Most serial killers see themselves as  morally righteous. This shouldn’t be surprising as most ideologues, no matter how murderous, see themselves as crusaders for a just cause.

Hitler believed that instilling the German race in a superior position to all others was a correct act and likewise, Charlie Manson who orchestrated a Hollywood killing spree in 1969, presented himself as a kind of hippy cult leader.

And herein lies the link between murderous geo-political ideologues and a local serial killer. Both commit atrocities justified by a largely self-invented moral code, one which bears no relationship to classical ethnics nor to God. Hitler and Mason have another link. Both became crazed killers in the aftermath of their art being rejected.

Hitler’s paintings were condemned by the Viennese art scene as mundane and Charles Manson was kicked out of the Beach Boys, ending his rock and roll fantasy. Thus one can see that weird ideals are often developed in the aftermath of personal failures or the perception thereof.

But what can this tell us about contemporary foreign policy?

One doesn’t need to like the government or culture of a foreign country to respect the fact that it exists and therefore has the right to exist on its own terms.

One can even be upset that a country does exist, just as a peaceful misanthrope can be upset in a crowded social event. But the misanthrope’s solution is broadly Epicurean rather than Hitlerian. He generally will go and tend to his own proverbial garden rather than try to change an uncomfortable situation.

Many in western governments actually believe their form of government to be superior to all others. In spite of European and American voters consistently rejecting neo-liberalism, post-modernism. interventionism and globalism, the ruling elite believe that they are on a mission.

Any style of government which does not match the ideas of the liberal ideologue is labelled as ‘bad’ rather than simply as different.

Western leaders ought to step down from their crazed position. They can write long theoretical musings on their hatred of moderate Russian conservatism and Christianity, of Syrian Ba’athism, Iranian Islamic Republicanism or Chinese communism.

But they have no right to do anything to change any of these things any more than a person has the right to murder someone in broad day light because he doesn’t like the other person’s appearance.

But this is what liberal interventionists do. They murder millions in their illegal wars, all because they don’t like the appearance of various foreign governments.

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